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Satiating Your Hunger for Nature and Travel by Overhauling Your Life

Thanks to businesses’ growing shift to remote work arrangements, the need to wake up daily and prepare to head to work no longer exists. Now everyone is looking for more ways to enhance their formerly poorly managed work-life balance. What more effective improvement method can help with that than living your daily life in an oasis if possible?

Suppose options to earn money are now as diverse as establishing a business from your smartphone or recording a video featuring your daily life. In that case, there should be a way for you to create a lifestyle that does not involve the hustle and bustle of a corporate nine-to-five job.

As complete defiance from the maximalism the past generations adopted, more and more people understand that less is more. Suppose you’re preparing to live your life without the hindrances posed by living costs and enjoy the benefits of nature while earning a steady income. In that case, below are lifestyles perfect for you.

Van Life

Over the years, van life has grown exceedingly popular. For most people, it is a change in lifestyle to break free from the norms and embrace adventure. However, for some, it is a way to survive. As discussed above, skyrocketing living costs pushed plenty of individuals to live in their vehicles. Yet, although space is at a premium, those who choose to lead the van life find it to be a liberating lifestyle. That is if they can go wherever they want with only a few things bogging them down.

If this kind of life appeals to you, you can travel while holding down your job as long as it’s a remote setup. It would be best to prioritise having a backup Wi-Fi connection and a steady power source for you to explore and travel seamlessly.

Exodus to Rural Spaces

Working in a remote setup is possible with plenty of job opportunities, as long as you have the specs and work equipment. You can also take advantage of offerings not only by local companies but also in the international scene. You don’t have to stay in a cramped and costly apartment near your office. With that, you have the option of moving to the countryside without losing your career.

More individuals are leaving the congested metro for the more spacious rural areas, and you can do the same. Unlike the price or board and lodging in the city, you can get a bigger flat without the high price in the country. That makes it a viable option for starting your dream of living in paradise.

Biophilic Homes

If you’re not ready to move anytime soon or want a place that’s still close to commercial areas, why not bring nature to your home? By building or decorating your home using biophilic designs, you can treat yourself to an everyday vacation without leaving your house.

One way to go about it is by looking up land that’s being sold. Not only should it have easy access to commercial establishments, but it should also be close to nature and nestled within a safe community. To achieve a nature-inspired design, you can add live plants and use earth tones for your interiors.

Sustainable Lifestyle

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At the very core of leading a life close to nature is actively choosing eco-friendly options. You won’t genuinely appreciate nature unless you keep your waste at a minimum and adopt sustainable practices.

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing benefits, incorporating nature into your lifestyle means you get to reap a plethora of benefits. That includes having access to fresh produce and clean air. You can enhance your environmental-friendly practices by creating your compost from organic waste and harvesting rainwater to reduce your water consumption.

Get a Job

It’s impossible to combine work, travel, and relaxation, but most occupations entail just that. For you to enjoy the good life of adventure while generating a steady income, you can opt to work a job that involves travelling. You can become a scientist or an archaeologist and explore different sites. Or you can work as a stewardess or as a ship crew member and see other cities every time you land or dock.

By holding down a job that requires travelling, you can visit places and even stay at top hotels worldwide paid for by your company. Another perk of working in the international scene is meeting and befriending people of different nationalities and sampling various cultures.

Choosing a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle is primarily due to the burgeoning living costs today. So if you think about it, your pay can support only your essentials, not your wants. But if you give up some of the traditional necessities, like conventional housing, you can have extra to fund your hobbies.

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