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What You Should Look for When Selecting a Gym

The past year you’ve probably isolated yourself at home. Due to the pandemic, your fight or flight responses were triggered, and you favored the latter. That makes you a responsible citizen. Kudos to you because you had a part in controlling the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

But surely that did not come without a price. Staying home likely meant you’ve neglected to engage in physical activities. You ate more to temper the anxiety you felt. You binge-watched Netflix shows to curb the blues. Those things resulted in fat deposits in your cheeks, tummy, and thighs. And you’re becoming more and more unimpressed with the person you see in the mirror.

It’s time to turn things around. It’s time for regular gym visits. Here’s what you need to look for in a gym.

Topnotch location

When it comes to location, your main concern is accessibility. You want a gym that’s close enough to where you live or work. That way, even during days when you feel uninspired to exercise, you’ll have a better shot at dragging yourself to the gym. After all, it’s nearby.

Also, pick a safe location. If you can find a gym with a nice view, that’ll be awesome. You’ll be more encouraged to stay longer on the treadmill, sweating away.

Convenient operating hours

If you work full-time from 9 to 5, you need a gym that opens early in the morning or until late in the evening. That way, you can squeeze in your exercise routine before or after work. You won’t miss any of your scheduled gym visits. You won’t be wasting money on a gym membership.

Remember that gyms don’t follow the same operating hours. So make sure that you ask. Before signing up for a membership, know whether the gym in question operates during holidays. You might need those days to catch up with your fitness goals, especially if your work involves erratic schedules.

Reliable equipment

working out

Tour the gym before deciding to pay for a membership. Keen attention to detail is crucial here. See if the air-conditioning’s working fine. Visit the shower room and check if it’s well-maintained. See if there’s enough equipment for everyone. Most importantly, look into the quality of the equipment at your disposal.

Those bench presses and ellipticals should be of superior quality. They should have metal and plastic parts bonded and molded to perfection. The last thing you want to happen is while you’re busy straining your muscles, pulling on some equipment, something heavy disentangles and falls on your toes.

Safety protocol

While it’s safe to say that we’re at the tail-end of this pandemic, it’s still best to stay safe than sorry. So ask for safety protocols when choosing a gym. Ideally, the management has systems and policies in place to ensure the protection of gym goer’s health.

If you find a gym that requires a vaccination certificate, that’ll be the best-case scenario. If that’s not plausible, at least see if the entire floor has enough hand wash stations. Also, ask about the gym’s cleaning schedule. You want to make sure the management has cleanliness as a major priority.

Inspiring staff and gym members

It’s nice to walk into a gym and be greeted by friendly staff. It also won’t hurt if they are fitness enthusiasts themselves, and they can offer you helpful tips from time to time. If they’d be willing to spot for you when needed, you lucked out.

Have a feel of the gym’s community too. If you see smiling faces, you’re in a nice environment. You’re sure to make friends. You will be more inspired not to miss your gym schedules. When you do your ocular, chat with gym-goers who are resting or who are done with their routines. Inquire about the place’s culture.

The past year has been difficult for all of us. Many people lost their jobs. Many lost their loved ones. If your most pressing concern is weight gain, consider yourself lucky. But that does not mean you should let yourself go.

Soon all businesses will reopen without restrictions. That’s thanks to herd immunity brought about by aggressive inoculation of the population. You no longer have any excuse not to exercise. So commit to reclaiming your old self in time for the old normal. Consider this shooting two birds with one stone. You go to the gym to improve how you look. Most importantly, you exercise to keep yourself healthy. Make sure you choose the best gym in your area, using the pointers cited above.

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