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Should You Go for Gold (With Your Dental Appliance)?

Gone are the days when braces were frowned upon due to fears of them diminishing the beauty of one’s smile. Today, braces aren’t just functional — they can also make a statement or express your style. There is a variety of fashionable braces options, including gold braces.

Before you go gold with your braces, it’s essential to learn more about this unique orthodontic appliance and how they differ from your other options.

Gold Braces: The Basics

In general, today’s selection of braces is lightweight and less obtrusive in design. The basic structure of traditional metal braces, however, remains the same. It includes wirings, brackets, and ligatures (or elastics). According to Harvard Health Publishing, modern braces have smaller brackets and less noticeable wires.

Typically, metal braces are silver in color and are made of stainless steel. But today, gold wires and brackets are also available. Gold braces are made of the same stainless steel as metal braces, but its wiring and brackets are coated with a thin layer of gold (also known as gold plating). Some dental practices also offer braces that are covered in 24-karat gold.

Should You Choose Gold Braces?

The only difference between gold braces and standard metal braces is the color. So if you’re considering gold braces, think about your tooth color and how the brackets might look on you.

While braces are available in different color and customization options, your dentist might recommend other types of orthodontic treatment. They might recommend lingual braces (orthodontic appliances attached to the backs of your teeth) or clear aligners (plastic trays that shift the alignment of your teeth). Always speak with your orthodontist first before you venture into a potential treatment.

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What Do Gold Braces Offer?

  • A different look. Gold blends well with the color of teeth, giving your teeth a fantastic finish. Also, it gives your smile a warmer feel compared to the dull silver. Gold braces come in different shades: from a deeper golden color to a light pale yellow.
  • A touch of sophistication. Gold makes your smile look more sophisticated. It also gives the distinction reminiscent of jewelry.
  • A healthier option to silver. Heavy metal poisoning is a risk associated with traditional silver braces. Heavy metal poisoning occurs when a toxic amount of silver accumulates in the soft tissues of the mouth. Though it’s not so common, there are cases when the over-accumulation of metals results in severe side effects such as gum discoloration.

Gold does not have this problem. It also has anti-microbial properties.

What to Expect

Once your dentist outfits your gold-colored braces, they might discourage you from partaking food and beverages that could tarnish or discolor your braces. You will also meet with your orthodontist for several follow-up appointments during your treatment. On average, most patients wear their braces for two years, but the timing will depend on your current alignment needs.

If the idea of bedazzling your smile dazzles you, talk to your dentist about having gold braces. Your orthodontist will help you find a treatment plan that enables you to achieve a golden smile.

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