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Finding Balance and Purpose: The Concept of Slow Living

In our everyday lives, we are constantly forced to be more, buy more, and do more. But while living in the rush is a way for a more productive and efficient life, this choice of lifestyle isn’t totally good for our families, health, finances, and even the community itself. To solve this, many individuals are entering the gates to slow living.

As its name suggests, this lifestyle is about taking things slow while being more mindful and intentional. The concept of slow living is also a natural method of maintaining a healthier lifestyle, from engaging with meaningful activities to creating deeper experiences.

Quick trivia: This lifestyle actually came about from the popularity of the slow food movement, wherein locally grown food that is slowly prepared tends to be healthier than fast food. Sounds like a lifestyle you can try? Here are a few ways to get you started with slow living.

1. Give more time to a single thing

Many people often feel good and productive when they are doing multiple things at a time. However, this can be damaging to your health at times. Life isn’t a race nor it is a contest. Slow living promotes the importance of acting less but with more meaning and value. This lifestyle guides you to do things that you love with creativity and passion.

Doing less doesn’t mean you’re unproductive or lazy. It’s about making more conscious choices and actions. And of course, helping your mind and body run at a more leisure pace. If it’s mealtime, focus on eating and your food and avoid using your phone. If you’re cooking, avoid doing anything else so you can get done much quicker.

2. Focus on your loved ones

Slow living promotes the importance of creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, instead of focusing on material things. This concept encourages spending more time and effort with family, friends, and partners. The fact of the matter is that building meaningful relationships is sometimes the toughest part of living a slow lifestyle.

Fret not because using the concept of slow living doesn’t necessarily mean you will eliminate the fun in your relationships. It’s actually an opportunity to stop, think, and appreciate the people you have in your life. Spend more time with your family and organize a simple yet fun backyard barbecue.

Craft more time for deep conversations with your partner and talk about future plans. Maybe it’s time to settle down and get your girl’s dream pavé diamond engagement ring to propose to her. You might be too busy with work schedules that you frequently miss your family gatherings or not have enough time to check in with your partner and the relationship.

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3. Use time for activities you love

If you’re a young professional, your calendar might be filled with work schedules and tasks. So, when is the last time you actually engage in an activity that you love and enjoy? Slow living is about embracing meaningful and creative things that make a person happy. Whether it’s a leisure-only activity or a productive hobby, it’s essential that you carve out time to engage in them.

Use your time for things you genuinely love. It can be as creative as painting or sculpting, as mindful as writing or reading, or as interactive as dancing or cooking. Slow living is about not feeling obligated to do things but opening up more time for things that matter to you.

4. Adopt a low-information diet

Who doesn’t love technology, right? However, when misused, technology can be an easy gateway of unnecessary information that can take up a lot of your time and energy. Adopting a low information diet is an innovative part of slow living, helping you put restrictions on your daily dose of news. Being bombarded with unnecessary information is never a good thing for anyone, especially individuals suffering from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

You can start with a detox and avoid using devices and things that are sources of overwhelming information such as your smartphone and its social media apps, the Internet, and the television. You can set a time limit for how long you can use the Internet or clean out your social media feed and emails.

Whether you are looking to save more money, create more meaningful relationships, or just become a healthier individual, slow living is an excellent solution. These simple habits and actions can guide you in the natural lifestyle transition, pulling you away from the overscheduled and hectic days. Engage in the slow living ways that resonate with you for an easier transition.

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