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The Lazy Homebody’s Guide to Simple Skincare

It’s crazy how the skincare game changed in the past decade. With the rise of the Korean wave came the rise of Korean beauty, which paved the way for complex twenty-step routines and various tools and devices.

While there’s nothing wrong with doing these big routines for our skin—especially if it helps us feel good—not everyone has the time or the means to do all of these steps and buy all of these products. If you fall on the “lazy” side of the spectrum and just couldn’t be bothered with your skincare but still want to care for your skin in the best and most efficient way possible, here are some simple and doable tips to start your skincare journey.

First of all, consult with a professional

If you’re getting started on your skincare journey, the best way to ensure its success is by consulting with a trusted dermatologist first. Even if you think your skin is pretty good and you have no visible breakouts or issues, it would still be extremely beneficial for you to consult with a professional. They’ll be able to help you identify seemingly simple problems now that can turn into bigger issues later and help mitigate them as soon as possible. They can also help prescribe you the products you need. Just because your skin looks good, it doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest it can be.

Look for affordable and straightforward skincare sets

If you find the many skincare terms confusing (what even is Niacinamide?), you can opt for boxed sets that are already complete with the essentials. Once again, a visit to your dermatologist will help you identify exactly the steps that your skin needs, but a basic skincare routine is this: Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sunscreen. If a boxed set has those steps, you might find that you’re good to go. Just don’t forget to do a patch test to make sure that you’re not allergic or that your skin isn’t sensitive to any of the ingredients.

Go the “sinkless” route

The idea of a sinkless routine may seem disgusting to some, but if we’re honest, not all of us have the energy to wash our faces after a long day of work. This is not advisable, though—please wash your face with water and a gentle cleanser at the end of the day. Not doing so can be extremely harmful to your skin.

But if you find that there you can’t help but have nights when you forget to wash your face, you can keep a bottle of micellar water and cleansing pads on your nightstand. To take it a step further, you can use cleansing oil and use the micellar water again. It’s a convenient way of ensuring that your face is still somewhat clean before you doze off in bed.

Invest in good products that serve multiple purposes

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If you’re on a budget and hate the idea of purchasing different products for skincare, opt for high-quality products that serve multiple purposes. For example, there are plenty of tinted sunscreen in the market, so if you hate using SPF, then using a different foundation on top, a two-in-one product can help you save time and money.

Another example is an exfoliating product that also has moisturizing properties or nourishing oils. Make a habit of reading claims and ingredients in every product you purchase so that you can hit multiple birds with one stone.

Look for an overnight mask

If you’re the type who just can’t be bothered and wants to lay down and rest at the end of the day instead of wiping products on your face, an overnight mask can be your best friend. It’s a surefire way of providing your skin the nourishment it needs, and it also helps to hydrate your skin overnight. So even as your cells generate while you sleep, these masks will give your face the glow you can only dream of when you wake up in the morning. It’s the ultimate lazy person hack if you want to see maximum results for minimum effort.

No need to overthink it

And lastly, you don’t need to overthink it. If your dermatologist has given you a list of steps to do and products to use, abide by those instructions and trust that they know what’s best for your skin. You don’t need to listen to influencers whose job is to sell you some products—if you find what’s good for you, even if it’s just three simple steps, then continue doing it, and don’t overthink it.

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