Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

When you look around, appreciate everything that you see. All of it is a masterpiece –the graffiti walls that become a herald of expression, the fashion ensemble the lady from Starbucks is wearing, even the tattoo on a guy’s shoulder that seems to appear as a reminder of a particular date in his life. Everything the eyes see can be communicated and perceived by the mind as art.

There are art pieces or masterpieces that people commit themselves only to regret it afterward. We know you’re a victim of this as well. Remember the poem you recited in class? Or getting a hair color that turned out to be a drastic mistake because it burnt off moisture from it? Worst, getting a tattoo with the name of your fiancée written on your skin only to break up later (yikes!). Yes, the damage has been done and you can either write it off as a serious eye opener or do something about it.

If tattoos are trendy now, many people would want to get one. But even if you dislike your tattoo a few years later, you could consider tattoo removal a few years later.

Pain is Involved in the Process

You may have seen this somewhere before, but tattoo artists use a needle to puncture and insert ink into your skin. One factor that adds to the pain threshold is the location of the tattoo. Not to mention that the bigger image you are going for, the greater the pain you’ll feel. If you can’t handle the thought of needles piercing your skin for about a thousand (or more) times, think twice about your decision.

Think About the Design

Just because something is trending does not mean you’ll have to copy it. Exercise your creativity and think of something out of the box. Research the image you want to be inked in your body and take the time to assess whether it’s the one you want. You can’t just go in a tattoo parlor and pick something from the brochure and regret it later.

Remember, you are paying for it, and it’s permanent. Pick a design that speaks out to you and one that you’ll be proud to showcase. For better results, get advice from the tattoo artist you’ll be getting an appointment with and ask for inputs.

Location of the Tattoos

Dreamcatcher tattoo

There are cases where images are recommended to be placed on the chosen body area. If you don’t want family members to see your tattoos, it is best to have it on areas that are regularly covered with clothes.

At the same time, take into consideration your employment. If you are employed in an industry that requires most of your time to interact with your customers on a face-to-face basis, don’t put tattoos on your face. Also, a lot of visible tattoos can turn people off, especially if you are a professional.

Know Your Reason

Getting a tattoo is a permanent decision. If you don’t have a good reason to stand-by it in the future, you might regret it. Also, remind yourself that if you want to remove a tattoo, you’ll be paying a lot more than what initially cost you.

Skin Allergies

This is quite a touchy subject to talk about, but you need to speak with your physician first in case of skin allergies. No matter how minor the case is. Think about all the rashes and skin bumps, the swelling, and irritation that you’ll suffer if your skin is having an allergic reaction to the tattoo. If you don’t want to experience more than humiliation and regret, consult your physician first.

Artist’s and Shop’s Credibility

Thanks to the Internet, you can now immediately search for a tattoo shop near you and check the reviews concerning its services, tattoo artists, and the shop itself. Check the shop to see how the artist interprets the design you want to be made, as artists have different specialties concerning designs. Also, observe how the shop and its staff maintain sanitation and cleanliness for their equipment.

Tattoos Cost Money

No matter how itsy-bitsy your design is, it will still cost you money. Getting a tattoo is not cheap. The deciding factors for tattoo price depend on its size, the colors you want, and the details incorporated in its design. So, if you want an image of your special someone like it’s painted by Picasso riddling the entirety of your back, expect to pay a fortune.

Assess the situation first and check if you have the unwavering desire to go for a tattoo. If you do, then go for it!

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