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Three Science-Backed Reasons to Live Alone

Many people generally dread the word “alone.” But behind the veneer of the loneliness stigma of being with just yourself is a lot of perks. Science-backed benefits, in fact. So, whether you are “forced” to live alone because of a career move or you are planning to do it out of curiosity, here are the awesome things you would get out of the experience.

You become more social

It seems contradictory, but yes, living alone can make your social life healthier. When you are by yourself often, you tend to crave for human connections all the more — not just in the aspect of quantity, but of quality. You prefer meaningful relationships that help you grow better as a person.

If you want to be close to social opportunities, location matters when finding your home. Most people prefer going for a condominium in Metro Manila’s central business districts, as these are near commercial establishments ideal for meeting people. If you want to go the same route, consider checking out this condo near Ortigas, and you might find the home that would expose you to broader interaction opportunities.

You discover more of yourself

Living alone means you are free to be yourself most of the time. You can put on your baggy clothes while washing the dishes or bawl your heart out while watching Titanic at 3 a.m. What happens is you become more familiar to your quirks, whims, along with your strengths and talents.

You are also forced to be left alone with your thoughts, so you get to reflect what is happening in your life more often. You become more in touch with yourself, and psychology labels this as self-actualization, which is often brought about by solitude. Self-actualized people tend to navigate better the complexities of the world, given that they have a better sense of autonomy, self-acceptance and reality.

You get to enjoy peace almost always

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For sure, you know how turbulent it is to live with a roommate. At your family home, your sister may be the type to throw her stuff just about everywhere. At your college dorm, your batchmate may be the type to blast Miley Cyrus songs to get them in the mood for studying. Experiencing some peace and quiet in these settings is hard.

But when you are living alone, you can enjoy the silence, be comfortable with it, and relax in it. That downtime for the brain is necessary. Rest encourages creativity and improves focus, helping you overcome the challenges of the daily grind. If you are planning to get a condo, it is best if you would go for developments that offer sprawling green spaces, resort-like amenities, and other nature’s elements to give that peace your brain craves.

Being by yourself may appear so lonely and overwhelming, but there really are benefits to taking the plunge. If you want to get to know yourself better, improve your social life, and keep your mental health intact, living solo is the way to go.

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