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Tokyo’s Top Four Must-See Places for Every Kind of Traveller

There is more to Japan than anime and technology. It is a wonderful country that offers a one-of-a-kind cultural experience to tourists who are looking for something unique. If you think you know everything that Tokyo has to offer, then you are in for a big surprise.

There are so many hidden spots in Tokyo that you will find attractive, no matter what type of traveller you are. So, if you are planning to visit the city soon, make sure that you do not miss the following places in your itinerary.


Yanaka is a real gem hidden in central Tokyo that has a unique local vibe to it. Unlike the central city’s high-tech infrastructures and other skyscrapers, Yanaka offers an unspoken atmosphere that gives you a glimpse of Tokyo’s historical aspects.

You can experience what it feels like to be a local once you dine and shop at the Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street. Even more, visiting Yanaka will allow you to explore its charming neighbourhood, too.

Imperial Palace

Your trip would not be complete if you do not include visiting the Imperial Palace in your list of things to do in Tokyo. Although you are not allowed to enter the main building, you can still experience what it is like to live in the palace by visiting the Imperial Palace East Garden. Additionally, the greeneries located at the moats are a sight to behold, especially when you visit during the right season.

If your trip falls on the spring season, do not miss the Chidorigafuchi. It is one of the great moats in the palace that looks like a dream because of all the flowers covering the area.


Shibuya Crossing from top view at twilight in Tokyo

Shibuya is another famous area in Tokyo, with many popular movies shot there. You can go to Shibuya Crossing and relive a famous scene from the film ‘Lost in Translation’, for one.

Meanwhile, for those who love dogs, another famous spot that you would not want to miss is the Hachiko Statue. The statue is to commemorate a Japanese Akita dog’s remarkable story for his loyalty to his owner. Hachiko patiently waited for his deceased master each day on the same spot until he met his own demise.


If you love food tripping and shopping, Ginza is the best place to go. The area is full of high-class structures and luxury brand boutiques that you will not find in other cities. Even more, it also has fun and exciting entertainment spaces that you can visit to spend the night.

Ginza is also famous for its Michelin-starred restaurants, which offer a delectable experience for tourists who want to experience the country through their taste buds. If you are not into this, the place is still perfect for some window-shopping.

The city of Tokyo has a lot of hidden gems that you will surely enjoy, whether you are type of traveller who loves sightseeing, likes to indulge in street food or wants to experience living like a local. Do not miss these must-go places to make the most out of your trip.

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