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Top Cities You Can Settle in Australia

Australia is slowly becoming a dream destination for people around the world. Every year, the number of expatriates living in Australia grows significantly. With its bright, sun-drenched weather and its multicultural society, it is no surprise that people choose to move to this country.

But that is not all that Australia has to offer. Its growing economy provides excellent business and job opportunities, excellent education, a top-notch healthcare system, and exceptional house-and-land packages.

Despite the ease of communication, the idea of moving to another country may still seem a little scary. The following article will give you an in-depth analysis of the top 5 Australian cities to make your decision to move a tad bit easier.


The third-largest city on the Australian Peninsula and the capital of Queensland, Brisbane offers all the thrill and excitement of living in an urban centre while still managing to be quite affordable.

While the centre of the city features towering skyscrapers, which quite honestly seems like an urban dream, Brisbane is also very much in touch with nature. The city’s outskirts offer serene suburbs with an excellent view of the Brisbane River, making it dreamy and fanatical.

Advantages of Living in Brisbane

  • Beautiful Weather
  • Temperate Climate
  • Convenient City Life
  • Ease of Transportation
  • Peaceful Family Life
  • Serene Environment
  • Excellent Employment Opportunities
  • Rich Culture
  • Active Social and Art Scene
  • Affordable Living

So if you’re looking for thrilling urban days and serene natural nights, Brisbane is the one for you.


As South Africa’s capital, Adelaide offers colourful and diverse communities, stunning landscapes, and beautiful historic scapes. Thriving in the local industries and businesses, Adelaide provides high employment rates and a very healthy economy to those who choose to live there. The city has to offer some beautiful getaways like Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, and Barossa Valley. So some adventurous weekends are not far off.

Home to the best food and drinks in Australia, Adelaide has a thriving food and bar culture. With live music and rooftop bars, it indeed isn’t a place to miss.

Advantages of Living in Adelaide

  • Affordable
  • Top educational institutions
  • Convenient Transport
  • Festival Central
  • Great employment options
  • Rich cultural scene
  • Nice Weekend Getaways

Overall, Adelaide is a very balanced city that gives you opportunities to enjoy and relax.


If you’re interested in culture and diversity by any chance, you should head over to the “Cultural Capital “ of Australia, Melbourne. With a museum at every step, bustling laneways and streets, cultural festivals, and cute art trams, Melbourne offers diversity and culture above all.

Although the cost of living is relatively higher than the other cities, Melbourne makes up for it with its thriving, adventurous, and culture-infused city environment.

Advantages of Living in Melbourne

  • Excellent for Students
  • World-Class Research Centres and Universities
  • Diverse Community
  • Great Nightlife
  • The best coffee in Australia
  • Rich and Vivid Laneway Culture

If you’re a student, you can find great student housing corporations to make the city affordable.


Home to the most popular Sydney Opera House, Sydney is not a city to miss if you enjoy chilling on beaches by day and enjoying the nightlife by night. Australia’s largest city makes it very expensive, putting the rents up to par with New York. Melbourne makes up for it by offering higher wages, lower unemployment rates, and excellent financial services.

Sydney opera house

Sydney represents the city meets the beach with the closest beach only on a 20-minute drive from the city.

Advantages of Living in Sydney

  • Cultural Hub
  • Rich Historic Scene
  • Low unemployment rates
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Vibrant City Life
  • Multicultural Society

If you can overlook the high rent, it is undoubtedly a great place to live.


Australia’s political centre and capital, Canberra, has almost a small-town feel to it. Boasting less than 400,000 residents, it is not as popular as the other cities, but that is part of its charm. The small population and tree-lined streets are a country dream.

Featuring small rents and cute picnic scenes, Canberra is a beautiful place to live with family. It is a well-connected small city, so commute around the city is not that arduous. Surrounded by nature, the nearest beach is only a hike away.

Advantages of Living in Canberra

  • Most Affordable Living
  • Low Crime Rate
  • Australia’s Safest City
  • Political Hub
  • Family Suburbs
  • Diverse and Multicultural

Safe Travels

Australian cities are unique, and each offers its particular charm. It’s hard to pick one, but you can choose the best city that fits your need.

Whether you want to live with your family or as a bachelor, you can always find a place in Australia. Wishing you safe travels and happy moving!

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