Traveling Trophy – An Employee Recognition Idea

Here is a fun idea from a reader of the weekly employee recognition tips:


Pamela Gill of Kearns Improvement District in Utah says the district has a garden gnome that acts as a traveling trophy. They held a Name the Gnome contest (or was it Gname the Gnome?). The winner was Gerome the Roaming Gnome.

Pamela says people receive Gerome as recognition of:

  • extra effort,
  • going above and beyond in their duties,
  • for an act of kindness, or
  • anything deemed praiseworthy.

They also have a poster that lists the names of employees who have received Gerome (or should we say hosted a visit from him). The poster provides a permanent record of Gerome’s travels.

I love it! Now, let’s hear your ideas…

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