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Travelling to Singapore? Here’s How You Can Chill Amid the Heat

Singapore is undeniably one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. Its cosmopolitan environment is melded into traditional aesthetics and coupled with futuristic skyscrapers. You have the perfect balance of the old and the new. Food is superb, too, and you will never run out of things to do. Do you want lively nights out? Head over to Haji Lane or Clarke Quay. Do you have a love affair with shopping? Visit Orchard Road or Bugis. If you want arts and crafts, the city-state has a lot of museums to visit. Simply, there is something for everyone.

But there’s one thing that you might want to prepare for: the heat. Being close to the equator, Singapore is hotter than many tropical countries in Asia. Even those living in the tropics may find the country unusually hot. But don’t let the heat beat you. There are some ways you can chill while you travel. Here are some of them:

Plan your get-up

Now that you know that Singapore is a hot country, you need to plan your attire. Invest in lightweight clothes made of thin fabrics. Linens and similar items are your best friends here. Light and loose jeans will also do the trick. And because you are going to walk a lot, invest in high-quality comfy shoes designed for long-distance walking. Do not forget the other essentials such as sunnies, sunscreen, and a hat.

Visit ice cream parlours

Ice cream is among the universal response to heat and humid days. And lucky for you, Singaporeans love ice cream. After a long walk under the sun, you might want to visit an ice cream parlour and sample the local flavours. If you happen to meet an ice cream vendor on the street, try the popular ice cream sandwich. This is a literal ice cream sandwich, as the ice cream is sandwiched between a folded slice of white bread. Try the mint flavour!

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Include water parks in your itinerary

Since you are on holiday in Singapore, you might as well include water parks in your itinerary. If you have kids, try water playgrounds such as Splash-N-Surf. It’s even free; just make sure that your kid is wearing the right swimming attire. There are many pristine beaches in Sentosa to bathe in. The best thing about it? They are free! If you want some luxurious treatment, take a dip in the infinity pool atop the Marina Bay Hotel, which overlooks the city.

Plan your transport

While Singapore has an efficient transport system and terminals are air-conditioned, walking to these places may expose you to heat. Make your transportation much more comfortable by looking for a Grab car to rent in Singapore. This option will even make you flexible with your trip.

While Singapore is one of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia, people who live in temperate places (even those from tropical countries) may find the country really hot. But do not let this factor quell the fun in your visit. Thankfully, there are many ways you can cool down as you travel around the island. Do your research first so that you will be more than prepared when you arrive in this marvellous country.

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