What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening otherwise known as teeth bleaching is the process of whitening current natural teeth. The colour of teeth is different for every individual and can be determined by age, dental issues and lifestyle choices. However, teeth slowly begin to darken over time. Tooth colour is influenced by biological factors and by any surface stains such and plaque on the teeth. However if it is the case that the teeth have darkened because of outer stains/ deposits. It would be a necessary step for the teeth to be cleaned before the tooth whitening treatment.

Who is eligible for tooth whitening?

A dentist will be able to confirm whether an individual is eligible for treatment through gaining access to the information provided by the individual. A screening will also be done at the initial consultation to determine this. However many patients have been restricted to undergo this process. In this case, the dentist will introduce their conclusion with the patient and will further discuss other dental treatments.

What is the process of teeth whitening?

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There are many available options for the process of teeth whitening. Most commonly, a gel substance, carbamide and hydrogen peroxide are used in the cosmetic & dental implant clinic in Stockton. These options have been shown to provide a safe treatment in various tests that have been undertaken. Chlorine Dioxide whitening products are highly avoided due to their effects of striping the surface off the teeth.

Tray systems

There are many systems in which teeth whitening can be done this includes: tray systems, enlighten systems and zoom power whitening.

The process of a tray system initially starts off with a patient giving their dental impressions. This is so that a flexible whitening tray can be designed which is created to be applicable on and around the individuals teeth. The gel substance will then be inserted in the tray which will be later utilized by the individual under dental permission. Depending on the gel type, the tray can be worn either overnight or in other cases around 30 minutes once or twice- on a day to day basis. This is known as Day White Kits. The teeth will eventually become lighter throughout the course of this process. The duration of the process depends on other variables and can take a number of days or weeks. The final results will be based around the natural colour of the teeth in its first phase, concentration of the gel and the frequency when applied. Considering whitening treatments are not permanent, dentists will advise patients to buy whitening gel. This will ensure maintenance of the whitened teeth for a much longer lasting effect. This will keep the teeth whitened and enable them to look bright as they did post treatment.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has many benefits in terms of cosmetic advantages it can raise an individual’s self esteem. This treatment will leave an individual with a bright smile which can improve the appearance drastically. Many individuals may feel anxious to smile due to discoloration of the teeth, however teeth whitening can boost one’s confidence. Since the process does not require any surgical procedure the treatment is done under a quick time frame. Therefore , this makes the process much quicker for those who do not want to undergo a lengthy treatment. Teeth whitening also improves oral hygiene by eliminating bacteria that may lead to periodontal diseases.

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