A Simple Guide to Designing Commercial Restrooms

It goes without saying that restrooms are essential commercial properties, yet many companies and building owners actually overlook their importance. When they look at the importance, they tend to come up with bad and unsustainable designs for the bathrooms. Bad designs do not just make for inefficient use, but they can also jeopardize the safety and privacy of the person using the facility. This is why companies and building managers should study well the design and plan of their bathrooms before proceeding with the construction or renovation. This may sound like a tall order, as it will require you to look into the needs of the potential owners and find the fitting solutions.

You may not know where to start, but it would be wise to work with a reliable engineer and contractor to make sure that your bathroom will come out as well designed and planned. If you are looking for some pointers, below are some of the things you should take note of:

Pick the right location

Privacy and safety are two important factors here, so make sure that the location of your bathroom is discreet but not too much. Keep your bathroom easily visible for easy access. Do not isolate it, as it will just encourage some perpetrators to conduct vandalism or possible harmful activities. Avoid putting the bathrooms at the back of the building. Instead, pick a location on your floor, such as the end of the hallway or a break between rooms.

Plan the layout properly

The layout of the bathroom concerns the location of the urinals and cubicles within a floor plan. Be mindful of it, as the wrong design will result in the discomfort in usage. For one, male users may find it hard to urinate due to awkwardness caused by urinals that are too close with each other. Similarly, putting the cubicles too close to the sinks may cause some space issues. Be sure that your space is large enough to actually the desired number of cubicles, urinals, and other features.

Use the right acoustic materials

Some people feel uncomfortable using the bathroom, as they know that their deed will be heard. Make some necessary adjustments in the acoustic materials to dampen the noise. For one, the wall or the door of the cubicles should be high enough to keep the noise from coming out. Bathroom music may even help in reducing the awkwardness.

Be wise with material choice

commercial restroom

The material of the bathroom is part of its design. This is why you should make sure that the materials are durable and space-appropriate. For one, see to it that the flooring will help prevent slip and fall. Cost-effective materials, such as compact laminate, are something you may want to consider.

Designing a commercial bathroom may seem like a simple undertaking for many businesspeople, but you have to remind yourself that the comfort, privacy, and safety of your customers and employees are at stake here. These are the very reasons you should take bathroom design and construction seriously. This is where you will need the support and advice of reliable engineers, designers, and construction contractors.

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