Things You Wished Somebody Told You Before Becoming a Parent

Parenting is hard. It pushes you through your limits, it makes you versatile and an all-around type of person. Nobody enters parenthood with the knowing it all. In fact, many parents are winging it every day making judgment calls that they think are right for their children. But despite knowing there is no “perfect” parent, you can always try to become a great one and your children will be thankful for it.

How does one become a great parent? Well, there is a lot of nuances that need to be taken into account. But there are a few core things you have to take invest in or know as a beginner parent who is just figuring things out.

Here are some things you need to know as a newbie in parenthood:

Extend your patience

Children are generally high-energy beings and that is completely normal. With that being said, you must extend your patience. As your child grows, they will likely keep doing things that might annoy you such as knocking off things, being messy, throwing tantrums as a form of communication, or constantly asking for attention. These things are normal and something you may want to watch out for if you’re the type who is easily annoyed.

When it comes to your child’s education and exploration it is also best to be patient with them. It takes multiple tries and practice before your child can learn how to talk, count, and other cognitive skills.

Try the Montessori learning approached on your toddlers

A Montessori approach is a hands-on approach in learning that enables your child to play while developing cognitive and social skills. Many say that the Montessori approach is a great way to teach your child independence and accountability. This is great for toddlers who still don’t know the concept of responsibility and the level of seriousness things around them require. It puts less stress on your child while at the same time encouraging them to like learning new things.

Invest in health care

Invest in your child’s health care. As children, they are bound to get sick every now and again, and it often can be unpredictable too. Children commonly get dental caries because of their eating habits and how sometimes it may be hard to get them to brush their teeth. Make sure your insurance covers your trusted kid’s dentist visits so that it is easier for you to take them there for checkups and procedures.

The bare minimum is not enough

There is a common misconception among parents that as long as they provide shelter, food, education, and toys for their children it means that they are becoming great parents. Anecdotes from teenagers and even adults say the same thing, their parent’s absence emotionally stunted them as adults. So, keep in mind that the bare minimum is not enough when raising kids.

Children also need love and affection in order to thrive. Don’t forget to spend time with your kids, get to know them, engage in their hobbies, and bond with them.

Teach your children the concept of consent

Children are very impressionable, and as soon as they start going to school and interacting with more people outside your family they will be exposed to various things. Children are also gullible. For your child’s safety teach them when to say no or when to give consent. This teaches your kids what healthy boundaries are like and how to deal with situations wherein they are subjected to doing something they are unsure of or uncomfortable with. As soon as they start learning what healthy boundaries are the lower the risk they may put themselves in unfortunate situations.

Always be kind and flexible

Children grow up to be how they were raised as a child. Oftentimes children who have been subjected to tyrannical parenting grow up to be emotionally stunted, rebellious, avoidant, or even worse abusive. So it is important to be kind to your child when teaching them discipline and guiding them as they grow up. When your child has the capacity to think for themselves, this is also the start of them realizing their needs to be comfortable with themselves.

Because of that, it is important that your parenting style is also flexible and something that gives your children leeway to express themselves without having the fear of being ridiculed, scolded, or ostracized by you.

Sometimes the role of a parent having to work while keeping track of the house and care for your children can lead you to forget some implicit needs your children need to have. So it is important that ahead of time you can decide your parenting style and be mentally prepared with the responsibilities and challenges parenting will bring to you.

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