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What to Know Before Painting Your Walls White

If you have ever taken a window-shopping trip around Pinterest and Instagram for home redesign ideas, then you have come across stunning photos of beautifully decorated homes with all-white walls. You also might have thought this might work in your home too. However, that might not be true most of the time.

White is a go-to color for a good reason. It is clean, simple, and it makes a room feel lively. However, people can also mean so many shades when they say white. Some prefer a stark white, while others like a warm, muted tone. You can even achieve white walls with textured wall planks, aside from just paint.

With so much going into the interest of transforming your walls into a nice white, these are some things you should consider before making a final decision.

Pictures Are Not Real Life

Pinterest and Instagram photos look that way because they’re a curated feed, and they do not always look the same in real life. Remember these when planning for your white walls:

1. There Are Many Shades of White

Different shades of white will go well with different rooms in different homes. Also, if a white wall looks good in a photo you saw, remember that it depends on the shade of white used in that room, which might look different on your screen thanks to editing.

Take the time to get a paint swatch of white shades. This makes it easier to envision shades of white that you can potentially use for a specific room.

Have you ever been to a museum or gallery? If you are gauging if white walls are right for you, those are some of the best places to find out since they usually have pure white walls. Remember what being surrounded by those walls feels like, and assess if that sensation is something you do not mind bringing to your home.

2. White Reflects Light

How well the white walls work in your room also depends on how much natural light that room gets. A room that gets a generous amount of natural light will be much brighter in the daytime, so soften it with a muted white or it will be uncomfortably bright during the day. Another approach is if one of your rooms does not get a lot of natural light, painting it white can help brighten the space and make it feel more open.

3. What’s Outside Your Window Counts

If trees and other plants or structures block your windows, it won’t be able to let a lot of light into the room. But another thing to consider is that whatever is blocking your window can also cast a glow into your room. Keep in mind that plants can make your walls look green (or whatever the shade of the leaves are) even if they are white.

The Perks of Choosing White

White walls do offer some benefits, though!

1. White Can Improve Sleep


Whites are neutral shades that do not stimulate the brain the way bright reds and neon pinks do. Your bedroom should be a place where you can rest and relax, so stay away from loud colors that energize you and opt for calming shades that facilitate sleep.

Red can awaken your fight-or-flight response, so it is not ideal for a bedroom. Oranges and other bright colors, on the other hand, can energize you instead of letting you prepare for rest. Avoid deep grays and browns too, as these might feel cold and unwelcoming.

2. White Is a Quick-and-Easy Trick to Give a Room a Makeover

If you are hoping to rent or sell your home in the future, white is a no-fuss way to transform rooms into something palatable to buyers and tenants. They also make for great photos. (Remember those appealing Pinterest/Instagram shots?) Painting walls white is how interested parties will first encounter your home when they browse online.

White is also safe when you need a change in one of your rooms. When you find yourself wanting to transform your home without doing too much to it, try a compatible shade of white for specific spaces and watch it do wonders.

White walls are a popular choice for homes. But they take a lot of thought to get right. Some shades of white might not work well with other colors, while others might make spaces look flat and dull. Still, when you choose the perfect white for your rooms, they elevate the space and make for the best backdrop for your decorations!

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