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Breaking the Back: Everyday Causes of Spinal Pain

Do you feel heavy every day, as if each step you take is a chore? Have you ever had difficulty in doing simple movements, like reaching down or to the side? Most of all, do you experience recurring pain and soreness in your neck and back?

The spine is responsible for holding up our head and entire upper body. Chronic (regular) back pain can indicate that there is a problem somewhere in your spine. If left untreated, this can affect your posture and mobility, and may even lead to pain in different parts of your body.

Those seeking to treat chronic back pain can visit a chiropractor, a professional who uses manipulation to treat problems in the bones, muscles, and joints in your back. The aim of chiropractic treatment is to help you move more easily and freely. If you see the back need for treatment, a good chiropractor is easy to find in urban areas such as Salt Lake City.

Contrary to the perception of some, back problems are not solely caused by physical injuries. Various everyday things we do can inadvertently contribute to misalignment or stiffness in your spine. Here are some everyday causes and contributors to chronic back pain:

Improper heavy lifting

When lifting a heavy object, it is common to bend down and use the upper body primarily to support the weight of the object. Repeatedly carrying this much weight without proper preparation can lead to strain on your back. This is because your back muscles have not been conditioned yet to bear the extra weight. Furthermore, if you are not used to the motion of lifting, you may make an awkward motion that may even lead to muscle injury. Hence, it is always best to consult an expert on the proper way to lift heavy objects without putting a strain on your back.

Computer posture

computer posture

This modern term refers to the posture that usually develops when sitting at a computer for lengthy periods of time, as is very common nowadays. In particular, computer posture refers to the slouched back, hunched shoulders, and overstretched neck that are all pointing forwards and downwards in the direction of the screen. These unnatural positions can end up putting great strain on the neck and back, especially given how often we spend in front of screens. Chiropractic treatment helps straighten out the spine and restore posture, but adopting a good posture and sitting up straight is something that must be done habitually to ensure the pain never returns.

Lack of exercise

Like any other muscle in the body, your back muscles only become stronger through regular exercise. Given that your back supports your entire chest cavity to hold you upright, weak back muscles will have a hard time carrying the weight and will thus get strained easily, leading to pain.

Furthermore, a lack of exercise can cause a buildup of mass and lead to becoming overweight or obese. This gives your back muscles an even greater load to support, making back pain all the more potent. Regular exercise, especially for your back muscles, will thus go a long way in feeling much lighter and pain-free.

Keeping healthy habits regularly not only prevents back soreness and stiffness but also makes you look and feel a lot better. Say goodbye to the aches and pains and say hello to a new, more confident you when you begin to take care of your back.

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