Comforting Home: Design Ideas to Elevate Wellness at Home

After more than a year of coping with the global pandemic, people are looking to give prime importance to their wellness this year. The unfortunate circumstances of 2020 — and even the first few months of 2021 — have significantly redefined what holistic wellness means for many people. It’s no longer what it was before the pandemic hit.

Personal well-being is set to take on different forms this year, from adopting more sophisticated skincare routines to taking more time away from digital screens. One of the most notable among them is residential wellness design, which you should begin getting into.

Feel At Home

Designing homes with wellness in mind has been a growing trend even before the pandemic. However, the demand for homes centred on well-being skyrocketed the past year, along with the rise in home improvement projects.

Everyone from architects to interior designers has noticed the impact of building spaces that evoke holistic happiness and health, especially after a year filled with stress and anxiety. Indeed, you and your family are looking for ways to elevate daily living inside the home. This trend is also expected to persist long after the pandemic has come to pass.

With that said, incorporating wellness designs into your home can also serve to be a good investment in the long run. Should you choose to put your property up for sale in the future, experienced estate agents could easily point these designs out as one of the prominent selling points of your home. Here are some of the biggest wellness design ideas you could choose from.

Create Living Walls

indoor plants

The ongoing vaccination roll-out programs across the country have eased government restrictions like lockdowns and shelter-in-place measures. It’s no surprise that many people will look to reconnect with the outdoors after more than a year of being cooped up. However, if you’re still a bit hesitant to do some travelling, you could bring nature indoors.

Integrating natural elements into your home is not necessarily anything revolutionary. Yet, it’s hard to ignore the growing demand for bringing the outdoors into your own home. Simply doing so has been proven to significantly reduce stress and increase productivity, which is an absolute necessity during these times.

You can easily accomplish this design by adding indoor plants around key spaces like the living area or even your home office. Most of these are also very low maintenance, which is extremely helpful if you admittedly don’t have a green thumb. Changing the paint around your walls can also evoke the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Just choose nature-inspired colours like different shades of green.

Set the Mood

Another thing worth focusing on is the amount of light that illuminates different areas of your home. In line with the global pandemic, there was also a drastic in coronasomnia — pandemic-induced insomnia — among the general population. It’s been found that lighting plays a huge factor in this phenomenon as well.

Unfortunately, lighting is a severely neglected aspect of home living. It’s important to note that everything connected to light, from colour to intensity, can have a noticeable impact on your holistic well-being. It can easily boost your mood or disrupt your sleep. A lack of light, especially natural light, can also be linked to several mental health issues.

Getting sufficient light entails more than just adding a few windows or lamps here and there. It’s about being able to adjust to the time of day. Quite recently, there have also been developments in smart home technologies specifically geared to address lighting. Circadian lighting, lights that change colour according to the sun’s position, and artificial skylights are some designs worth considering.

Breathe Easy

It’s been observed that everyone spends at least 90% of their time indoors, which is more important now after sheltering-in-place for quite some time. This is why improving air quality around the home has also become a relevant topic for many people.  Having poor ventilation can effectively lead to allergies or breathing difficulties.

Some harmful viruses, specifically the coronavirus, have also been known to spread through airborne transmission, making indoor air quality more relevant. In line with incorporating natural elements, most indoor plants can also effectively remove air toxins from inside your home. For more innovative solutions, certain air purifiers can be great at showing you the cleanliness of your air quality.

Centered on Wellness

2021 is set to be the year of rest and recovery, especially after the tragedies of the previous year. It’s become increasingly important to be able to take care of your wellness. Moreover, the global pandemic has changed people’s relationships with their own living spaces. There has been an increasing awareness of the link between home and health. You could try incorporating these necessary adjustments to promote healthier living at home.

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