The serious side to wanting a more youthful look

The number of people flocking to facial enhancement treatments including Dermal Fillers Kent continue to rise, putting the annual value of the facial cosmetic market (injectable fillers) at £2.75bn. This interest in improving facial aesthetics driven by the many desirable outcomes associated with looking good and looking younger.

The debate continues on whether such treatments feed vain and superficial desires but there can be no denial as to the serious and far reaching impact an ageing and unattractive physical appearance can have on an individual, particularly those who still have to succeed or survive in the modern, image-obsessed working world. There has been startling research, too, that point to the relation between perceived age (how old one looks) and longevity. So, it seems, there is more to wanting to appear younger than just vanity.

The worthy goals of facial aesthetic treatments

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Create a positive first impression

Human beings are naturally inclined to respond to the look of a face. People look to the face, or facial expressions, for key information about others. Whether they are smiling or frowning, providing  basic information that either puts people at ease (trust) or puts one’s backs up (threat). Despite first impressions taking a split second to form, they generally use the information of others to direct a response to them. Findings from scientific studies corroborate that those who are deemed attractive are more likely to be found with positive and desirable personality traits: approachable, trustworthiness, warmth and friendliness.

Reduce the appearance bias

While it is incredibly unfair to be discriminated against based on one’s looks, this discriminatory practice continues in the workplace. Employees who are judged plain or unattractive are looked over in favour of their more good looking colleagues when it comes to leadership or promotion opportunities. Good looks are equated with competency, success, intelligence and confidence. This appearance-based bias is not only reserved for the media and fashion industries, where the stakes are high when it comes to visibility and image, but extends to include all other professions as well as other social spheres such as politics and the judiciary. Attractive politicians tend to be trusted more and as a result do better at winning votes and even good looking defendants are dealt with less harshly.

Live longer

Researchers have found that those who look younger are generally likely to live longer. This presents a new argument to wanting a more youthful appearance. In addition to investing in facial aesthetic treatments, there is another path to recapturing one’s youthful appearance – smiling. The British Dental Health Foundation, one of the co-creators of National Smile Month has found that a pleasing smile is the next desirable human attractiveness attribute after personality.

For anyone wanting to achieve a more youthful appearance by redressing frustrating facial lines and restoring hydration and volume to the skin, should schedule a consultation for a facial aesthetic treatment at Stangrove Court Dental Practice. More and more people are trusting in suitably-skilled dentists to administer injectable treatments for superior, safe and effective results.

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