Composting: 3 Things to Return to Nature

It is about time to get everyone’s attention about the continuing problem the whole world is facing. We are on a dying planet, despite the efforts of a few good citizens to preserve it. Pollution is too widespread and climate change is another monster altogether. Freak weather changes and the increasing warming of the planet will only continue if we keep resorting to activities that use chemicals and release gases to the atmosphere.

Is there nothing you can do, you ask? There is a way to delay and stop the planet’s destruction, and if enough people do it, we can reverse the damage. Here are three things you can compost mindfully:


The passing of a loved one is a stressful part of anybody’s life, but it is certainly inevitable. It may happen due to old age, sickness, or even an accident. Whatever may have caused the end of their life, take comfort in the fact that they will not have to contribute greatly to the destruction of the planet.

The gases emitted into the atmosphere for each cremation is enough to fuel an 800-kilometre road trip, and that is not even considering the cost of the burial process. Recomposting, or the decision to give the dead green funerals, is an environment-friendly way to dispose of the dead. This is where the body is covered by a shroud and buried three-feet under to allow for natural decomposition.

Food Waste


Everywhere in the world, there are ongoing efforts to minimise the waste that goes into landfills. When waste is not segregated, it makes even recyclable materials useless, as they may be covered with dirt that renders them impossible to reuse for safety purposes. It takes some effort not to throw away items needlessly, especially if one is trying not to become a hoarder, but this is not a lost cause just yet.

For food waste, one of the most effective ways to reduce trash is — not surprisingly — eating it. That means the extra portions you cooked should be stored for the next day’s meal rather than going straight to the bin. If you cannot finish it by yourself, share it with others. You may also reduce food waste by buying only what you need. For the rest of the items that you simply cannot eat, such as stalks and peels, there is the compost bin. It is easy to get this started in one’s backyard, but you may also give your week’s compost to someone in the UK who does it on a larger scale.

Coffee Grounds and Dried Leaves

Most people would need a jolt of caffeine to wake up every day. Though the UK is famous for its unmatched tea consumption, it is not the only beverage we love to consume. Coffee lovers would use up coffee grounds in excessive amounts and you may not think they add to waste, but they sure do.

Fortunately, they can be composted together with dried leaves and even finely chopped wood. Add these to your brown and green compost, then use it on your garden as fertiliser. This saves you the trouble of buying chemical fertilisers and produce might even show a remarkable improvement in quality.

The effort of few will be in vain if most people continue to be wasteful. Be on the side of the good to continue enjoying this planet’s resources.

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