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Etiquette for Alcohol Gifting

There are several reasons why there are not so many tidbits on how to gift alcohol. For one, it is a tricky area filled with many pitfalls which might send the wrong message.

There is, however, too much drama surrounding alcohol gifting that many people have forgotten the health benefits associated with alcohol when taken in moderation. Alcohol is also the global drink for fun and has been gifted over the years in different cultures.

While your choice of what alcohol gift sets will suit a person primarily lies on their preference, there are also etiquette rules on what alcohol suits different occasions.

It is thus essential to find some middle ground between personal choice and etiquette to ensure your gift sends the right message and you come across as knowledgeable. Here are some guidelines on what type of alcohol makes a suitable gift on different occasions.

Housewarming or Dinner Party

In these occasions, you are gifting your host and no other guests and your gift might be consumed during the parties. The perfect options for housewarming and dinner parties are beer and wine since these are not only budget-friendly but pair well with most foods.

Non-vintage sparkling and sweet wines, as well as mid-range local craft beers, are your best choice. It would be prudent to include some wine or pint glasses for a housewarming party.


The golden rule when gifting alcohol during someone’s birthday is to go for his/her favorite. You should, however, show that you put some thought into selecting the gift and did not merely pick the cheapest or the first one you came across.

If, for instance, the birthday girl or boy loves wine, go for the premium-priced, limited edition or a new version of their favorite type or one in a unique package. Include a longer lasting present with your alcohol, such as customized glasses so that your gift is long remembered after the alcohol is consumed.


Friends drinking together

These include anniversaries, births, baptisms, and weddings. The ideal choice in this option is a spirit or wine from a year connected to the milestone, such as the person’s birth or wedding year.

Beers brewed in a particular year will also suffice. This is the time to go all out in the wrapping of your gift since you want to make an impression on the recipient, and they will probably open it alone.


The best choice for holidays is to go seasonal. There are beers which are brewed for particular holidays that can suffice for your gift. Alternatively, you can think of the food associated with the holiday and pair your alcohol to the food.

Food consumed in holidays during warm months is generally light and pairs best with white wines and roses. Holidays in colder months often feature hearty foods which are best paired with bold red or fortified wines and spirits.

With these tidbits, alcohol gifting just got significantly easier. Thankfully, there are now companies that specialize in alcohol gift sets and can have exceptional options in store for you. Do not stress yourself so much when picking an alcohol gift since, after all, the gift should be enjoyed by its recipient.

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