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Opening a Car Repair Shop is a Great Idea

They are very recognizable when they converge. Their ages range from the late 20s to 40s and some of them have their families tagging along over the weekend. These are automotive enthusiasts. They won’t stop talking about their cars when they’re at the shopping mall; they look for trinkets and gadgets to add to their rides. When they get together, they talk about vehicles.

Most of them have high income since they have jobs and businesses. Their cars are their hobbies and they spend any free time tinkering with their tools in the garage. Some of them would even buy equipment such as roll benders from Baileigh. It’s like they want to build a car shop.

If you are also obsessed with your ride, maybe it’s time to trade “enthusiast” for “entrepreneur.”

The Car Repair Shop Starter Pack

The first consideration when starting a car repair shop is the location. Your car repair shop needs to be in a high-traffic area. There must be ample space for cars to park. It also needs to be in the vicinity of residential areas to facilitate easy towing and short travel time for the customers who need to leave their car at the shop.

You should also provide a waiting area that is comfortable and calming. These days, a Wi-Fi connection is a must. If you can have a snack shop or a food shop available for the customers when they need to stay long, that can even provide added income for you. The rental fees for space could range from $1,500 to $15,000 based on a lot of factors, location, and size of the forefront.

Next thing to consider is the equipment. The most necessary piece would be the diagnostic machine, which costs between $5,000 and $10,000. This tool allows you to know what to repair.

For an actual car repair shop, your fancy toolbox in the garage is no longer sufficient. You have a well-maintained car as it’s your hobby, but most people will have bigger problems with their vehicle. A toolbox for a full-service repair shop would need to have specialty tools and would cost around $15,000.

You would also need a full lift and it would cost about $3,700, including the installation. The facility needs roof hoists and proper lighting. There will be some heavy-duty work done and cleaning all the fluids would not be done with kid gloves. The cost of leaning equipment at this level could reach $500.

Marketing Your Car Repair Shop

Auto Repair Shop

When you have everything ready, you can start marketing your shop. The most important thing would be displaying clear signage. People who drive by their area would be aware that there is a repair shop nearby when the need arises. Social media and Internet marketing can also help those who may need towing assistance.

Repair shops are not the same as restaurants—there is no acquired taste. The primary consideration is pricing and honest, competent service. Your promotion should be based on that.

Turning your hobby into a business allows you to pursue your passion without while earning at the same time. Just be prepared for the necessary investment and you can have your own car repair shop up and running.

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