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Fighting Alzheimer’s with Knowledge

You likely want your parents to live for as long as they can, without complications, passing away peacefully when their time comes. Life works differently, however, and a physician can diagnose your father or your mother with Alzheimer’s. With such a condition, you feel lost and anxious as to the fate of your parents, but with the information below and treatment options such as nursing homes in Ogden, you can make it through the mist.

Equip Yourself with Knowledge

You might have heard about Alzheimer’s numerous times already, yet you might not understand it. Fortunately, the first step in caring for a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is to educate yourself with the disease. With this, you can search for other resources online to learn more, but basic information will be enough to give you a good foundation of knowledge.

Relationships Can Last

First, even with Alzheimer’s, you and your family can still maintain a meaningful relationship with the father or mother with the disease. Dynamics will change, of course, but remind yourself that the spirit of your parent is still there, buried underneath the condition afflicting him or her. In time, you will have a glimpse of that spirit that you used to see.

Degeneration Is Slow

This maintenance of robust relationships shed light upon the disease itself. Alzheimer’s degenerates the brain only gradually. How gradual? A neurologist says that 15 to 20 years might pass before the brain stops functioning. With that amount of time, you have hope. You can still do everything you can to slow down the speed of the degeneration.

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Treat with Lifestyle Changes

You can start treatment already by encouraging your parent to change his or her lifestyle. Sleep early. Exercise often. Eat well-balanced meals. These activities, seemingly menial, can slow down brain degeneration. Sleep helps with brain cleaning. Exercise helps with memory and cognition. Healthy food helps with brain degeneration itself.


Once your parent has begun to practice these activities regularly, you can next think about the future. Will you care for your parent at home, will you hire professionals, or will you bring your parent to a nursing home in Ogden? You might have a family of your own to take care of, which cancels out caregiving yourself. As for at-home service, the environment of your parent’s house can pose challenges, especially with the high-quality care and attention required by those with the disease. As such, you can choose a memory care facility as the best option.

Memory Care for Mom or Dad

A memory care facility will cost extra, but your parent will receive the best healthcare. The structure itself is designed with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in mind. You know then that your parent will be safe in such a place. A medical team is also available around the clock, rushing to the aid of any patient in need. You can rest easy that your loved one will be alright.

Alzheimer’s can be intimidating, but you can weather the storm with the newfound knowledge you have now. You can be brave and healthy for your loved one. You can be the hope that your father or mother needs.

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