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Zip Your Mouth: 3 Things You Must Never Tell Your Fiancé When Wedding Planning

The tension of wedding planning can bring out the worst thoughts even in the most relaxed, composed couples. It’s challenging to keep it together when almost everything, from your barn venue down to your food selection and seating arrangements, is falling apart. But remember this, the last thing you need in this stress-filled situation is one careless, insensitive, or hurtful statement thrown in a fit of frustration. That said, be careful not to blurt out these things as you tread through the stressful wedding planning:

“I just don’t care.”

Most men are guilty of this. Ask which color scheme they prefer, they’d say, “Whatever. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care.” All too often, they’re unaware of the fact that it only hurts feelings. Sometimes, they even think they’re giving the bride a favor for keeping their mouth shut on preferences. In reality, though, your partner feels that the ceremony isn’t essential to you at all. That she’s the only one who cares about the success of this event. In the perspective of decision-making, this statement is also problematic because your partner is left with the burden of choosing on their own. If you don’t have a preference at the moment, ask more questions. Hopefully, this will give you an idea on which to choose. If you want your fiancé to decide, then say it lovingly.

“This will never be done.”

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As you very well know, a wedding has a lot of aspects. A lot of moving parts. It can be overwhelming thinking about how your catering, invitations, and documentation can pull through. So you resign and say that this isn’t possible to achieve. You tell your fiancé, it’s best to elope or cancel everything. You can do that, of course — but if you’re doing that to dodge the ‘impossibility’ of pulling off a proper, decent ceremony, no need precisely because it’s possible to do it. The key? Work with reliable vendors. Ask your family and friends for recommendations for the ‘big suppliers’, namely venue-partners, caterers, florists, and Detroit wedding photographers. Read carefully through your contracts with them and make sure that you have protection from last-minute cancellations.

“Let’s deal with the money later.”

There will come a point in your wedding planning when you want to swipe your credit card blindly to get things done. Thinking about the finances in the middle of juggling cake tasting and bridal dress fitting is just too much work. So you tell your partner, go swipe and discuss it later on. The thing is, you will never have time to review your expenses later on precisely because you’re swamped. The result? You have so much debt to pay. You go over budget. In turn, you’re all the more stressed, and now, cashless. The correct, most prudent approach in wedding planning is to guard every penny before, not after, it comes out of your pocket. Budget is one of the things you should have straightened out already before you even talk about the details. Discuss how much each of you is willing to spend and stick to it.

Watch Your Mouth

It’s understandable that you’re tired and frustrated with the stress in wedding planning. But make every effort to keep it away from ruining your relationship with your partner. Be careful not to say these careless statements.

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