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Floor Plan Faux Pas: Mistakes First-Time Homeowners Should Avoid

Owning a new home is indeed a very exciting moment. You have carefully chosen the right property for you among that overwhelming list of house & land packages here in Townsville. Once you have finally signed those papers and are ready to move in, all these other tasks follow almost immediately.

These include hiring interior designers, buying new furniture pieces, and rearranging them inside the different rooms in your house to finally give it that homey vibe. But, a few months later, you suddenly realise that your current floor plan does not really work for your needs.

Do not fret, however. It is not uncommon for many homeowners to make this type of mistake, especially if it’s their first time purchasing a home. But to avoid any inconveniences, prepare as much as you can and do the right amount of research before signing that contract.

So, here are some of the most common floor plan mistakes homeowners make and the ways you can successfully avoid them:

Thinking that you fully understand floor plan drawings

When looking for a potential property for purchase, there may be instances when you will come across floor plan drawings and other similarly complex-looking architectural design materials. For the professionals, this is standard practice. But for those outside the field, these drawings may look extremely intimidating.

After all, they are usually filled with symbols and jargons that only architects and builders will understand. For many homebuyers, all these will not make any sense. It is normal not to understand industry-related terms, so never hesitate to ask the pros any questions.

Do not make the mistake of assuming you know exactly what each door, window and stairs would look like on paper.

Assuming that all floor plans are appropriate to your lifestyle

Deciding on a floor plan goes beyond which one looks the best. While the form is important, the focus should always be on functionality. Think about your family’s lifestyle. Once the professionals have presented you with options, imagine how members of your family will work around the area.

Can you see your children climbing up and down the stairs safely? Can you imagine your partner enjoying the views from the outdoors through the large windows in the living room? Can you see yourself relaxing in a warm afternoon while reading a book?

Consider all of your family members’ daily activities and other needs and check all the current options you have. Will open floor plans work better or are rooms with partitions still more ideal? Remember, your family’s comfort should always come first.

Getting easily impressed by upgrades and presentations

Couple looking at their new floor plan

Before making a final purchase, it is highly recommended to tour model homes to have a feel of a home’s floor plan. When doing these tours, it is easy to get too impressed by everything that is being presented to you.

After all, contractors are professionals when it comes to home staging and upgrades to attract more potential buyers. So, be a smart buyer and imagine everything as a blank canvas and simply focus on the layout and flow of the rooms from one to the next.

Be as informed as you can when it comes to choosing the right floor plans. Also, never overlook safety.

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