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Gain perfectly aligned teeth with Incognito, Weybridge

Many adults who are living with misaligned teeth in the UK, can lead to them having to go through some severe discomfort and struggling to maintain the standards required to have high-quality oral health and hygiene. There is no need for these people to live with the issues of misaligned or crooked teeth any longer, as there are now modern solutions available within the dental marketplace of the UK.

In recent years there has been a push the redesign and reimagine the devices used within teeth alignment treatment, as there was a recognition as to the reason why those who would benefit from treatment chose not to engage with treatment earlier in life. What was needed was an alignment device that potential patients would feel comfortable engaging with, allowing them to have their teeth repositioned and resolve any issues they may be experiencing, giving them a more comfortable life going forward in life.

Incognito Weybridge, may be the solution that adults living with misaligned teeth are looking for, as it can offer them the treatment, they require, along with the privacy that should be present when receiving any form of medical treatment.

A new device design

Incognito was the first lingual bracket system that could be fully customised to meet the needs of the patient and correct their misaligned teeth, this system uses archwires, brackets, and bonding trays to deliver a treatment that offers the targeted results that patients are looking for.

Once in place, the aligner system will be hidden from the eyes of others, as they are placed behind the teeth. The wearer should also find that they are comfortable to wear and will not interfere with the normal day to day activities of the mouth, meaning the patient can carry on eating and drinking as normal.

The aim is to deliver a treatment that gives the great results that patients expect while allowing them to feel comfortable throughout the time they are receiving the treatment.

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Resolving common issues with misaligned teeth

Many people who live with misaligned or crooked teeth struggle to maintain a high standard within their oral hygiene leading to them developing other common dental issues, such as gum disease, plaque build-up, and tooth decay. If the teeth are not positioned correctly within the mouth, they become more difficult to clean, as navigating a toothbrush around them can be hard work and lead to areas that need cleaning fully being left untouched.

Realigning the teeth can allow cleaning with a toothbrush or dental floss to become a much easier task, this will then lead to a heightening in the standard of oral health the patient enjoys and will lessen the risk of common dental problems developing.

Many people with misaligned teeth may also experience a feeling of weakness within their bite, this can make biting and chewing food difficult. By having tooth alignment treatment extra strength can be naturally built back into the bite, this will then make eating a more pleasurable experience.

Making a change

Incognito really should be one of the first options any potential patient should consider when looking for tooth alignment treatment, as it offers a discrete solution that promises to deliver great results.

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