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Key Features of a Rustic-inspired Home

Home designs should not be pure aesthetics only. The elements that you allow inside your home affect your mood and the functionality of the room. As such, it affects your way of living.

One well-known home design is the rustic interior design. In essence, this style embraces the natural, aged, and rough elements. Think of farmhouses and log cabins and you somehow could capture an idea of what rustic design is. Some people who plan to have their kitchens remodeled opt for a rustic design. Their rationale is that it adds warmth and relaxation to the room. As such, meal preparations and sharing meals are both enjoyable.

The rustic design also works in other parts of the house. Some people prefer this style as it offers solace from all the modernity of the fast-paced world. A rustic home-style makes a person feel more grounded. A rustic home design shares some common elements. Here are the most essential ones.

Go Heavy with Wood

Wood elements and rustic design are inseparable. When a person says rustic, it is only natural to think of wooden tables, wooden cabinets, or even wooden beds. Some even go for an unfinished texture or a weathered look for these pieces of furniture. The uneven finish emphasizes the unpretentious element of the rustic style. To have an authentic rustic design, go for real wood than their fake counterpart.

Wood is also used on floors as it makes any room feel more inviting. Distressed hardwood floors are reminiscent of old homes in the countryside. Yet, city dwellers welcome this style to their homes to complete the rustic feel of their homes.

Find Inspiration with Nature-inspired Hues

Rustic homes get their relaxing mood from nature-inspired hues. These colors range from shades of brown, orange, green, gray, and gold. You can complement these warm colors with black and white. The right colors would bring out the understated elegance of the rustic style.

Use these colors on wall paints or fabric such as bedding, curtains, or throw pillows. You may even use it as pops of color in an otherwise plain room. You could paint your bathroom white. Then, color your tub, lavatory, and cabinets with earth colors to add a wow factor.

Play with Texture

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Texture has an important role in bringing out the rustic edge of any home. A combination of rough, soft, and smooth textures work best for this design. A combination of textures adds coziness to your home. Some elements you can use are the roughness of wood or the softness of jute and animal hide fabrics. Canvas and burlap are also famous options that showcase a rustic style. Using wicker baskets and rattan furniture are other clever ways to play with texture.

Rustic design is also famous for stonework, especially around a fireplace. The rugged and uneven surfaces of stones on your hearth make it look simple yet elegant. Keep a lovely flame going to add a layer of warmth to your room.

Keep the Beams Exposed

Another prominent element of a rustic design is exposed beams. Having wooden beams show in your ceiling can add character to any room. Work on appropriate spacing or placement of beams for this element to work to your advantage. They can make the room seem more spacious.

Do not be afraid of showing the “bones” of a room. Some may have the apprehension that it makes the home seem tasteless. On the contrary, it gives your home a classy and timeless appeal. You can even add light fixtures between the beams or on the beams themselves. Painting the beams to emphasize them is also an option.

Invest in Some Antiques

Rustic design thrives in timelessness. An easy way to depict such an element is to invest in antiques. You can choose vintage pieces of furniture if you want to go large scale on antiques. Think of antique dressers or classic four-poster beds with canopies.

If you only want to go for small accents, you can scour flea markets. Look for small items such as vintage artworks, antique glassware, or treasure chests. Put together things that bring a classic feel to your home. It does not need to be expensive. You only need to develop an eye for timeless beauty.

The rustic design for homes is not that hard to incorporate. You could do it as a DIY project or with the help of a professional. The essential thing is for you to know the key features that make up the rustic style. When you do, you would enjoy designing your home with them. You would also enjoy the soothing effect of your home once you finish decorating.

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