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Styled By A Professional? Yes, You Can Make Pro Interior Design Choices For Your Home

If you’ve tried to hire an interior designer on a budget, then you might’ve reeled back in shock at how expensive it can get. Rightly so, because these professionals have been trained in all aspects of their craft, and they guarantee fool-proof results that are worth every penny you spend. That said, it’s just not within everybody’s capacity to get an expert on their side while they make design choices. When you’re left with your own devices and a limited amount of funds, then you have to find ways to make every decision count.

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks interior designers use that are at your disposal. Sticking to the fundamental guidelines of effective design should enable you to make your interior look like it was handled by no other than the best designer in town.

Limit Your Colors

You’ll notice that the most beautiful interiors play with only two to three colors. Interior designs do this to streamline the appeal of each room and make them easier on the eyes. For variety, they throw in pieces that are within the same shade of these colors.

You can do the same by deciding early on your color scheme. The internet is not lacking in inspiration and recommendations based on your desired aesthetic. As each color gives out different vibes, you’ll want to make sure that your selection is as cohesive as possible.

You’ll want to be strategic in applying them, too. Even when working with limited colors, there’s always the possibility that you’ll mess up by simply buying everything in those colors.

The best way to proceed is to select one shade for the wall, one shade for dominant furniture, and another for small decors and accessories. Finally, make your efforts easier to appreciate by allowing more natural sunlight into your rooms. This makes them pop out effortlessly.

Invest in Statement Pieces

A statement piece is usually a large and attractive piece of furniture or decor that steals your attention the moment you walk into the room. For your dining room, it could be a contemporary steel table, and for the living room, it could be a large minimalist gas fireplace. The U.S. has numerous contractors and retailers you can work with. Make sure that you’re getting not only a stylish piece but one that is high quality and installed by professionals. A fireplace, in particular, can be a big fire hazard if you settle for substandard service.

Take measurements of each room when choosing statement pieces. Something too large will eat up living space and become unattractive in the long run. Too small, and it loses its purpose. Complement your choice by adding furniture and decor of varying shapes and sizes. Nothing is more frustrating than a room filled only with tables, chairs, and decors with spindly designs.

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Always Add Plants

You don’t need a green thumb to bring in indoor plants. There are low-maintenance choices like cacti and succulents that you can use to decorate. If you’re really not confident with your skills, know that it never hurt anyone to use artificial plants. The trick is to purchase ones that look so realistic. Your guests will think you have mad gardening skills. There’s also the option of using dried flowers and complementing them with other elements like rocks and seashells.

Be careful not to go overboard, though, and to choose plants of the right size. There’s always the temptation to add one more pot here and another one there until your room looks like a jungle.

Maximize Trays and Bowls

Do you notice that model homes always have trays and bowls on tables? They also have them on shelves, just beside books and picture frames. Inside them are a handful of knick-knacks or some beautifully crafted candles that make the room homier.

There’s always a way to incorporate these in your design regardless of your aesthetic. If you’re going for a living room in soft tones and textures, you can go for a wooden bowl with colored stones. Feeling a little more glamorous? Why not a metallic tray with tall candles and a decorative tea set?

It’s a small design choice that adds depth to any space, especially if you harness the power of contrast correctly.

If All Else Fails

If this is too much work, then settle on one inspiration and replicate them as well as you can. It’s unlikely that you’ll come up with the same interior, but using visual guides that follow these design principles should make the task easier. After all, this isn’t class homework. You’re free to succeed in your interior design endeavors on your own terms.

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