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How to Avoid Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Flares

Individuals struggling with CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome usually have to deal with setbacks or flares that could every painful and debilitating. In most cases, these CFS flares are a result of factors that are beyond their control. In some cases, however, flares could be triggered by specific incidents or activities that they could try to control. Below are some proven strategies to avoid common causes of chronic tiredness and CFS flares:

Identify Things that Stress You Out

Yes, this is easier said than done, but reducing stress levels is vital to prevent CFS flares. However, de-stressing means different things to different people. For example, common causes of stress include reading or watching the news or discussing the problems of other people. So does this mean that you shouldn’t do any of these things? It all depends on your preferences. For instance, if you love solving problems of other people or following politics, these common stressors might help reduce your stress levels. It’s also vital that you make some mental adjustments and that you understand your limits so you won’t get easily stressed and upset, adds a prominent chronic fatigue syndrome treatment doctor in Las Vegas.

Avoid Standing in Line

Lots of individuals who have CFS have difficulty standing still and in line for an extended amount of time such as when grocery shopping, washing dishes or cooking. If these activities can trigger a flare, go to the grocery at off-peak hours so the lines will be shorter and when doing the dishes and cooking, try to move around as often as you can to help circulate blood. The main issue with standing still for too long is that blood will eventually build up in your legs so it will be hard for you to pump and circulate blood throughout your body.

Avoid Heat

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In some individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, exposure to heat can easily trigger a flare. A harmful combination of energy vampires, heat and standing, is bathing or showering with hot water. The being said, avoid hot tubs and saunas and take shorter baths or showers with relatively warm water. And please avoid sunbathing whenever you can or risk a CFS flare, or worse, a heat stroke.

Stay Away from Specific Food and Beverages

Some people with CFS find that caffeine helps in increasing their energy levels and proper blood circulation. For some, however, caffeine and other stimulants could further reduce their energy levels and in turn, cause flares. If you have CFS, you should also try to avoid consuming excess sugar because eating sugary food will cause your blood sugar to spike and then go down very fast. To try and normalize your blood sugar later on, your body will produce more adrenaline, which in turn will make you lightheaded and more tired.

While managing chronic fatigue syndrome is quite a challenge, keep in mind that you can at least control some factors that can lead to a flare. Knowing how to control these factors will help you reduce the severity or length of a flare when it does occur.

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