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Save More Time and Energy During Surgery: Simple Tips

Speedy and efficient surgical operations need to be on top of the priorities of surgeons. These are achieved by the combination of a lot of factors leading to success. And, there really should be consistency in everything before, during and after the procedures.

Here are some of the simple tips that must be kept in mind to save more time and energy among surgeons.

Prepare the proper equipment and instruments

It is essential to make it sure you have the proper equipment and instruments that include non-stick bipolar forceps, suction ligator, and more. Other usual medications also need to be made available before the procedure.

All other medications must be present before you get inside the operating room. Properly maintained and functioning equipment are necessary. Better to also check your list to remind technicians of the things to do.

The aesthetic gas and heating pad reservoir needs to be refilled as well. This will make it sure that the suction machine will work. Thus, this will test the leak coming from the anaesthesia machine.

Think more about the steps needed

To become efficient and effective during surgical operations, it is necessary to think about the steps needed. This will, therefore, promise a good surgery flow. This will also help you out not to stop the surgery. Another essential tip is to ask for suture or instrument before needing it.

Additionally, make sure that there is an available X-ray room for post-operative radiation. During the closing of the surgery, you also have to review the needs of patients. This will also continue until the recovery process. Go over post-op medications and treatments and don’t allow your mind to go idle.

Place a clock that is visible for you to see

Every operating room needs to have a clock. And this should be made visible to you and to everyone. This will help you not to lose track of time and monitor the time for the procedure.

It will also be a good idea to discuss the schedule of pre-medication, placement of the IV catheter and time of induction during the morning. Also, think about the lengthy time needed for the procedure to take.

Watching the clock is indeed essential as part of anaesthesia time. If there is a struggle with the procedure, it is right to ask for help. Calculate the time that a patient is under anaesthesia. If it already takes longer than it is, the harder and longer the recovery will be.

Maximise the OR by using proper lighting

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Maximise the operating room by using proper lighting equipment. These types of equipment include magnification eyewear, operating headlamp, and powerful overhead operating lights.

Electrocautery and suction are also additional ways to improve the visualisation of the operating room. For abdominal and joint surgery, suction can prove to be essential.

Have an assistant and technicians beside you

The presence of an assistant and technicians is essential throughout the surgical operations. They usually do the job of holding a body part or instrument in place. They will also basically use suction to maximise visualisation and remove excess fluid.

An assistant that is trained also enough frees the hands of a surgeon. And thus, the mind and the hands of a surgeon are focused on more difficult and more delicate tasks.

Give all these essential tips a try to save more time and energy during surgical operations. Everything must be set in place as a way of becoming efficient and speedy. Keeping these in mind helps ensure a surgeon that things get done properly.

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