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Hustle and Play: 3 Ways Condo Living Supports the Work-Life Balance

Given that it’s so hard to pull off, work-life balance is simply a myth for most people. To some, it’s an idea that’s rarely achieved. The truth though is it’s possible to experience it — and believe it or not, it largely depends on your home environment. Just take a look at the ways living in a condo supports work-life balance:

Less time spent on commute

The typical Filipino employee allots almost three hours for commute alone from Pasig to Makati, thanks to the nasty, everyday traffic jams. Work then goes beyond the ordinary eight to nine hours long. If you take into consideration the three-hour commute to the office and then back to the house, it could last for almost 12 to 15 hours.

With your job taking too much of your time, as well as draining your energy, it really is impossible to achieve a work-life balance in this arrangement. When you live in condos, which are often near central business districts, time spent on a commute is significantly reduced. You get to have a reasonable amount of time dedicated to work. At the same time, you’re able to quickly slip into leisure mode as you walk from your office to your condo.

Readily accessible amenities for leisure


Aside from the time constraints, it’s also the lack of easily available opportunities for enjoyment that makes people bogged down at their jobs, never achieving a sense of work-life balance.

For condo residents, however, ‘leisure spots’ can easily be accessed. You won’t have to drive a couple of blocks just to get to a gym, as there’s an in-house fitness center at the condo complex. You won’t have to go out of town to unwind at a beach resort since almost all condominiums have swimming pools. Some even have a tropical resort theme of some sorts in the design of the complex.

If you want to make leisure simpler and easier for you, check out a condo for sale in Pasig City. Complexes in these areas usually have luxurious facilities, like indoor basketball or badminton courts, infinity pools, and connections to the biggest malls in the metro. It’s literally leisure at your doorstep.

Smaller space

Most people look down on smaller spaces. For people who crave work-life balance, however, it’s actually a respite from all the cleaning and maintenance. For instance, for condo dwellers, they get to focus more on their job and their families with fewer rooms to dust off and a big yard left to the condo maintenance staff.

The small space also forces people to invest in the essential stuff only, giving them more disposable money to spend on experiences, like out-of-the-country travels or adventures with the family. If you don’t want to be bothered anymore by so much cleaning and maintenance, choose a condo instead rather than a bungalow or a multi-storey home. It’s going to save you from a lot of headaches.

Again, it’s possible to achieve work-life balance. That is if you rethink your home environment. It should support your lifestyle, make it easier for you to live life to the fullest. Consider getting a condo for your next home.

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