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Increasing Space with these Home Improvement Ideas

Big houses are becoming less and less common. Small homes are just more affordable for most Americans. Unfortunately, it can sometimes mean that there is not enough room for hobby items or additional kids. Instead of moving or extensions, maybe all you need is to make a few home renovations to increase space.

Make corner spaces your friend

Placing furniture at the center of the room may be the norm, but it also takes a lot of space. Many people find that pushing them to the walls will create more room, both physically and visually. The increased center space will make it generally easier to move around and not bump into things. This is especially good for those that have kids around since they tend to run all over the place and knock stuff down.

Experts advise that filling up an entire corner with larger furniture can give off the illusion of a larger space. It gives a lot of room for people. They say that one large item can appear less cluttered than multiple small items in a corner.

Tear down walls

Another popular option is tearing down cabinets and walls to make a larger space. People usually remove unused rooms or adjacent closets that aren’t used. The most common spaces that people usually get rid of are the wall between the kitchen and dining room and the one separating the hallway and living room.

Before you get a sledgehammer, make sure to check if the wall is load-bearing. That means the wall is supporting another wall on top of it. If it is, you best consult with an engineer to ensure that the ceiling doesn’t fall apart. You can use a movable column lift if you want to reinforce the area of the wall that has been torn down. Take note if there are any plugs or electrical wiring on the wall as well.

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Create built-in storage

If you want to maximize the spaces at home, then creating custom storages on the walls and counters are a great way to do this. These types of structures are also best for small homes. Another benefit to having these, is that you can have clearly defined storage areas for specific household items. Your home can become more organized, as well.

Built-in storage isn’t just limited to the walls and counters. You can also look into furniture that has built-in cabinets and shelves. Beds and sofas have a lot of these. What’s great about these, is that you will no longer lose essential items for that particular room. For instance, extra pillows on couches can be stored in its cabinets or clothes on bed cabinets.

Get tuck-away furniture

There is also a lot of space wasted beneath the furniture. Tables are also a big culprit because the chairs that come with them are often placed outside the tablespace. However, there are table sets where the chairs can hide below the table, giving you more room overall. Desks and vanities can have these sets as well.

Some unique ideas that you can get are foldable couches and beds. Nowadays, there are small sofas that extend and turn into a larger bed. You can also try getting beds that can be stored within the walls. That way, any furniture not in use by day can be put aside and out of your way.

Whatever method you decide, make sure that old items are cleaned out. Sometimes, the main problem is just people keeping too much stuff for them to use. Before trying anything out, have a little spring-cleaning and see if there are things that you can live without.

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