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Living a Healthy Life: Thrive despite Health Issues

Let’s say that you decided to go to the doctor for a check-up. Expecting great results – since you haven’t really been feeling anything – you wait outside. When the doctor calls you in, you enter, feeling great and generally feeling at the peak of health. You decide to give him your check-up results.

The doctor frowns, but then you see him offer you a gentle gaze. You ask him if there’s anything wrong, and the physician gives you an answer that’s neither troubling nor good – at least, in your case. The doctor might point out to you any myriad of health problems at their early beginning. To the uninformed, it might feel as if you’ve been diagnosed with late-stage disease, and there’s no cure.

You don’t have to be alarmed; health issues can be maintained and negligible for a long time when caught at their earliest stages. Coupled with healthy living, these issues are not issues at all. Here are a few things that help you maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle while you live with health issues.

Keep your Heart Working

The heart is a muscle, which is why exercise is still important. Like an enlarged heart or even hypothyroidism, some issues can affect the heart, but that doesn’t mean that you should pamper it; on the contrary, you should still strive to put in as much work on your body as possible. There are lots of cardiovascular workouts you can do to increase your heart’s performance. This includes going on a bicycle ride, swimming at the local rec center, or running outdoors. In this pandemic, you can consider using exercise machines to keep your cardio exercise indoors.

Eating the Right Food

Chances are, if you’re diagnosed with health issues, your prescription will also come with a list of food to eat. While some food might become off-limits, that doesn’t mean you should also skip out on essential meals. If you were eating three meals a day, then you should continue that. Your menu should also become more diverse if it weren’t already. Include food like fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. This is especially important if you’re also doing daily exercise.

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Stay Away from Non-organic Food

People with health issues have also been told to move towards organically produced food and less processed food. This means you’ll have to re-assess where you buy your food and stay away from the processed food section in the supermarket. Organically-produced food is healthier anyway and helps prevent any unnecessary weight gain, not to mention further aggravating your health conditions. Processed food may also be the reason why your health issue worsened, such as it is.

Snack Person? Snack Away

If you’re the type of person who sneaks in snacks between meals, having health issues doesn’t mean you’ll drastically change this method. You can continue snacking – or rather, if you would prefer, you can replace eating three full meals with snacking on small portions that can satisfy your hunger throughout the day. Healthy snacks are still recommended. If you snack on chips and other unhealthy food, consider replacing these with fruit and whole grains. Coupled with exercise, you might also find that you’ll lose weight the right way.

With all that said, having health issues doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world for you. Rather, it’s the beginning of a new journey that might be challenging for some, but then, who doesn’t relish a challenge? As Robin Williams said in the movie ‘Hook,’ learning to live with health issues might mean the beginning of an exciting journey for you.

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