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How Do Overseas Workers Manage Life Abroad?

The choice of working overseas may occur to many households. Some wanted to further their career, and some did not leave with many options. We can say at least one in every family might be working overseas or is planning to do so. Here are the ups and downs of overseas workers.

These are some of the advantages of working abroad:

1. People working overseas have the chance to explore the different cultures and traditions.

Overseas workers get to learn the different workplace dynamics and ways of doing things in their workplace. They can see the world differently while working and get them to be more interested in moving to other countries.

2. Developing independence and better living quality.

People working overseas have more significant opportunities, ultimately leading them to changes in their lifestyle for the better. When moving away from our hometown or the familiar place where we are, we get to experience how different things are, from the minor details to the way of living and many other things. All of these give the overseas workers independence and a chance of better living quality. Having better-living quality for these overseas workers allows them to send balikbayan boxes or a care package to their families back home.

3. Further their career.

Some people who have been working for years in their own country might find that they have been doing the same things repeatedly. As the years went by, many job opportunities are presented by big companies overseas that would be the key for the workers to further their careers. This would come to them as a great opportunity and be very beneficial as well.

4. Learning to be a team player.

Countries abroad have better work ethics than others. Working in a country with excellent work ethics and being surrounded by like-minded people develop being a team player and adjusting better to different people and workplaces. Workers need to be flexible and easy to work with.

 5. Big plus for the resumè.

Workers overseas could put more credentials and experience in their resume. With their working experience abroad, it would make them more viable candidates for an international company. They would be open to more job opportunities overseas that offer higher wages and benefits.

6. Being paid in foreign currency.

Naturally, people are getting paid to work, but the advantage of working abroad is earning in foreign currency, maybe in dollars, euros, or others. They get to make a lot more because the value of the money is more. Thus, if the workers were the family’s breadwinners back home, it would be a big help.

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But what about the downs? Here are the disadvantages people who work in other countries face:

1. Getting homesick.

This may be one of the most common downs of being an overseas worker. When moving to a new and different country far, far away from home, one would feel lonely, homesick, and maybe depressed. But they have to endure it even if it takes years before coming home.

2. New languages, new cultures.

Other countries require you to study their language and take a test for you to work. This might be hard for some and maybe given a short time to do so. It is essential to understand the country’s language where you are working to avoid having communication barriers. And with new languages come with new culture, traditions, and beliefs as well. It might take a while to adapt to the new practice and way of doing things, and the behavior and attitude of the people might also experience having a culture shock.

3. The need for money.

Many think of going abroad to earn more and have a better life. But some don’t realize how much money is needed to work overseas. If one cannot get a lot of money, it is impossible to work and stay abroad. Many families end up being in so much debt to get one family member to work overseas, and it does not have the assurance of paying back their debt right away.

4. Holidays back home.

Different people working overseas know that they are leaving their traditional holidays back at home. For Christians, like Christmas, some workers might not have the luxury of celebrating it due to their work. They will feel much more alone and see over the internet how their family celebrated it.

5. No assurance of good work.

Not everything will go as planned. And work position and level of work abroad might not be guaranteed. If a position is offered and then the worker has no other choice but to get it, it does not assure them that they can earn more, but they will get it as long as they make money. Overseas workers risk a lot and should always be prepared.

6. Work and living environment.

Another thing that is not assured when working overseas is how and where one would live. Some might offer and provide free living space depending on the employer or company, but some do not. It is already on the worker to find an excellent place to stay on their budget, and when starting overseas, they might not have the best living environment.

Being an overseas worker is one of the most challenging things a person could become because they leave their family. Overseas workers sacrifice so much to provide for the family they left behind.

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