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There’s more to a website than one would think

It can be surprisingly difficult to create dental websites that manage to meet the many expectations of both dentists and their patients, as well as the hundreds of factors that Google use to rank websites in order to increase visibility on the internet.

Thankfully, a specialised team of experts are on hand to support dentists with this task, creating bespoke, compliant and award-winning websites all for the price of less than a daily cappuccino. For those dentists who are serious about making positive changes to their business by focusing on and strengthening their online presence, by choosing a specifically trained and dedicated team who have the skills, time and resources to make this happen, then success is imminent.

Without bamboozling their clients with a lot of digital jargon, these digital marketing specialists are eager to enlighten and inform dentists and other companies who wish to benefit from their services of what the impacts of professional support exactly are. With testimonials from real clients and data to back up the very impressive claims, those who are interested can certainly have their questions and more answered.

What exactly does an award-winning website look like?

A bespoke made website that is compliant and integrates seamlessly the expectations and wishes of a potential patient enable dental practices to really make an impact with their online presence.

Websites produced by this team have won awards time and time again and it is in the simplicity where concepts are driven home. Without overcomplicating the process, whilst using desirable techniques such as imagery and video, websites developed are quick to load yet are visually striking, appealing to the diverse target audience that dental practices choose to focus on.


Through comprehensive communication, specialists are able to understand the unique style of any given dental practice and bring this to light, appealing to the right people who are looking for a certain treatment. This could be general dentistry, children’s dentistry, teeth straightening or dental implants.

Whatever the dentist and their team enjoy doing in their line of work and wish to do more of, this can be focused on with targeted keywords, specialised blogs and other tools that seek to inform those reading the website about the positive atmosphere of the practice.

Coupling this genuine and real-life approach with understanding the ranking factors of Google and ensuring that the business page appears high in organic Google searches for certain keywords and clients are given a recipe for success. It is merely up to them how they choose to work with the leads that begin to follow through.

Elements of a website include several pages dedicated to informing patients of the whereabouts of the practice and who works there. Using pictures helps to develop a sense of trust here and is an effective tool to inspire familiarity between patient and dentist. Testimonials and a results page, again using imagery to full effect will also have this positive impact.

When combining pictures and video with well-written content, this balance is beneficial to both viewers of the website and for Google, creating a website that exceeds all expectations, plays its part and may even win an award or two in the process.


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