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On the Fence About Adding A Fence? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should

One of the most iconic symbols of suburban America is the “white picket fence.” This comes from the image of an ideal middle-class American family, which includes having a couple of children and pets and living in the suburbs in a modest home surrounded by a white picket fence.

While this type of neighborhood still exists today, much has changed about the way residential properties look. Some don’t even have a white picket fence—or any kind of wall—surrounding their property.

If fences don’t protect your home and you’ve left it that way for long, we’ll give you four good reasons to reconsider below.

1. Protect your privacy

Say you’re using your outdoor kitchen for a weekend cookout, or you have an outdoor living area where you and your family members usually hang out. Whether you’re in your backyard or your pool area, your outdoor space is an extension of your indoors, and it’s a private party. You’d want to be able to relax and do whatever you want without having to look over your shoulders. Having tall fences is the key to keeping your property out of sight from nosey neighbors and passersby on the street.

2. Enhance your security

building a fence

Security is perhaps the most important reason for installing fences around your property. Whether you reside in an area with high crime rates or not, you can never be too sure of when burglars might try to trespass your home. What’s more, animals might also sneak into your property. Secure your home against these threats and inconveniences by installing a fence around your property, one that’s tall and without any grooves so that it’s unclimbable.

3. Increase the value of your property

Whether it’s in your plans to sell your home someday or not, it’s good to know that fences are an outdoor feature that adds value to your property. For one, beautifully-crafted and well-maintained fences that are correctly installed add to your home’s curb appeal. This is important for homebuyers who may take one look at your property and be impressed. Also, the privacy and security fences offer are what most people look for in a home. So you can install fences around your property for a couple of thousand dollars and see a considerable return for this investment when your property value increases.

4. Establish a boundary

Real estate is a precious commodity, which is why it’s imperative to mark your property, whether it’s a sprawling estate or a plot of land barely big enough for a garden. Erecting a fence around your home is the best and most effective way of marking where your property starts and ends, preventing other people from invading it. It also works the other way around—with your boundaries marked, you won’t risk encroaching on other people’s space. Apart from this, having a clear marker of the size of your property makes it easier to plan for any renovations or additional constructions within your land.

Fences are a practical and functional feature that also provide aesthetic value. These are the reasons it’s good to invest in and surround your property with them.

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