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Ways to Keep Your Car Engine Maintained for Every Season

Because of the recent pandemic, public transport is just too risky to use. You’ll be using your car a lot to get to work and for supply runs. As such, it needs to be in top condition all the time to avoid getting stuck on the barren Salt Lake City roads. ; The first thing you should keep in good shape is the engine. Here are ways to maintain the heart of your vehicle all-year-round.

Top up on liquids

Your car’s oil protects every part of your engine from unnecessary wear and tear. Always check your car’s oil gauge to see if it’s getting dangerously low. Top it up with your manufacturer’s recommended specifications or brand. Make sure to get an oil change around 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Most of today’s oil brands usually fall within this range.

Another liquid you should look out for is the coolant. It transfers heat, which prevents heating or freezing damage to the engine. Check your car’s coolant reservoir. This is the clear or opaque white plastic container near the engine. It should have marks showing the minimum and maximum antifreeze amount. If it’s on the minimum mark or below, top it up with coolant recommended by your manufacturer.

There are three types of coolants: organic acid technology (OAT), hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT), and inorganic additive technology (IAT). Look for these specifications in your manual and purchase it from your nearest vehicle supplies center. Fill the tank up to its maximum capacity so you don’t have to worry about it in the coming months.

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Check the filters

Filters have the difficult job of keeping dirt and other contaminants away from your engine’s sensitive parts. When getting an oil change, ask the technician to change the filter as well to be sure. This way, your engine’s gears won’t be filled with gunk after your next oil change.

Next, check your car’s air filter. It’s located inside a black box next to or on top of the engine. It has a tube attached to its side. Open that box and you should see the filter. If it’s filled with dirt, give it a good wash.

Fill a bucket with water and a few drops of laundry detergent. Immerse the air filter and give it a good swirl to knock the dirt off. Keep it inside for about five to ten minutes. Then, take it out and shake off the dirt and water. Run it under a hose to rinse the soap off. Place it on top of a clean cloth and let it dry completely. Don’t put it back into its case even if it’s slightly damp, as the dirt may cling onto the moisture that’s left.

Take care of the belts

The rubber belts you see inside your hood act as links to the important parts of your engine. If they break, they may cause your car to malfunction on the road. This may also lead to serious engine damage. Check them to see if there are any cracks or separation, get them replaced immediately. They should only be handled by professional diesel repair technicians.

While every part of your vehicle has its own unique role, your engine is the most important component. As such, you should always keep it in the best shape possible. Use these suggestions to maintain your engine so you can drive confidently and safely all-year-long.

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