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Should You Get a Breast Lift?

Although not as popular as breast augmentation or implants, mastopexy — commonly known as a breast lift procedure — is also an immensely popular cosmetic surgery procedure. While they could offer significant aesthetic benefits, as Dr. Steven Warnock and other board-certified cosmetic surgeons explain, breast lifts could likewise make a huge impact on the physical and emotional health.

If you’re considering to have a breast lift, but are not 100% certain about your decision yet, below are some of the most common reasons women around the world have undergone the procedure:

  • Their nipples are hanging below the breast crease. Those who have undergone a breast lift had extremely saggy breasts with the areolas and nipples pointing downwards. A breast lift could effectively reposition the areolas and nipples to a higher position on each breast to restore the breasts’ perkiness and youthful appearance.
  • They’re embarrassed by their saggy breasts. Saggy breasts could change how women move as well as how they feel and look in and out of their clothes, and undergoing a breast lift could make you feel more confident in your own skin.
  • They suffer from chronic neck or back pain that severely interferes with their quality of life. Saggy breasts, especially bigger ones, could place massive pressure on your neck and back because the muscles in your neck and back are just not capable of supporting significantly pendulous breasts. Undergoing a breast lift could end your pain and discomfort and can increase your quality of life.

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  • They’re suffering from skin irritation. Once your breasts have lost their elasticity due to sagging, they could irritate the skin below the breasts and nearby areas, and cause rashes and chafing. A breast lift could easily remedy this situation.
  • Their areolas are irregularly shaped or have become unusually big. There are cases wherein saggy breasts could make areolas appear unnaturally huge or stretched out. This usually happens to women who have given birth. With a breast lift, your surgeon could remove the excess tissue from the target area to make the areolas smaller.
  • They’ve recently managed to lose their excess weight and are in the best shape of their lives. Excess fat could cause skin and muscles to become loose and stretched, so even if you successfully shed your extra weight, your skin would still become loose and look saggy. This also applies to your breasts because they’re primarily composed of fat. A breast lift could tighten your saggy breasts and make them look full and perky.
  • Their breasts have changed after giving birth. After pregnancy, the shape and size of your breasts would change significantly, even after you’re done breastfeeding. With a breast lift, you could restore the size and shape of your breasts. For the best possible results, however, doctors recommend that you postpone undergoing a breast lift until you’re certain that you don’t want to get pregnant anymore.

Whether you’re simply looking to regain the look of your breasts after giving birth or losing weight, or are plagued by physical discomfort due to your sagging breasts, a breast lift could be a suitable option for your breast woes. To learn if you’re a suitable candidate for breast lift and to ensure that you’re making the right decision, it’s best to speak with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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