make your walls last longer

Solutions to Make Your Walls Last Longer

There are countless innovations and technology to keep your walls in tip-top shape. We all know how important it is to take care of your walls so that during unforeseen events it can protect you, your family, and other people. You can choose from the following options to ensure the longevity of your walls and their appearance:

Ventilated Facade

They can come in many forms and some of them are high-quality metal rainscreens, ceramic facade, glass facade, and so on. Their main purpose is to protect the walls from outside forces such as rain and wind while allowing air to circulate inside. It also serves as an effective way to insulate the building or house. This is one of the widely used and modern ways outdoor walls can keep the property in good condition.

Paint and Wallpapers

Paints are the cheapest and most used for indoor walls. It has a lot of varieties; there are matte, glossy, water-based, and oil-based paints you can choose from. There are also choices of patterns, prints, and colors for wallpapers and can have different types of paper used. They don’t just beautify your walls; they also keep them protected from different internal factors such as coffee spills or accidental bumps. Wallpapers are also an easy fix when it comes to hiding flaws from the walls.

Wall Panels

These are premade and you can just install them like wallpapers. They are thicker and mostly made of different materials such as wood, cork, foam, and so on. Some can also help in soundproofing rooms. They can also come in elaborate embossed designs. Some residential houses often use this on the bottom half of the wall for decoration.

Wall Putty

You can apply this if you are going to repaint a wall that has dents and cracks. It is effective in sealing and ensuring the longevity of the paint. Make sure you are aware of how you should put them or you can seek professional help. It doesn’t matter if the walls are dry or wet because you can apply them right away. After it dries up, you can use a sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Plastic and Rubber Protectors

apply protection to your walls

You can buy them at hardware stores and you can just stick them anywhere as they have an adhesive on the underside. It works as a way to minimize the tension created by usual movements that can’t be avoided, such as closing and opening doors. There are also ones available that don’t only protect your walls, but also your kids or babies from bumping.

Sometimes, we tend to be too complacent and forget to take care of our walls. They are like other parts of our house that deserve proper care and attention. Just make sure you know which one will work best within your budget and availability. If you notice a lot of cracks on your walls, they need to be inspected. There might be an underlying cause that you need to figure out. It is best to consult a professional or someone who knows better on what steps you need to take.

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