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The Financial Costs of Being a Van Dweller

Living the van life can be interesting. For one thing, it will give you a whole new perspective about life. Sometimes, living life in the four corners of your home can be too redundant and even boring. On the other hand, living in a van can add excitement to a person’s life and appreciate the world outside our own comfort zones.

To become a full-fledged van dweller, you should get a van first. You can avail one in a Sprinter dealer in Salt Lake City. You should also be prepared financially since you may have to convert the van that will suit a van dweller’s lifestyle. More importantly, you should be prepared mentally and physically before transitioning into a full-time van dweller.

How much does a van conversion cost?

Living as a van dweller may vary from person to person, so there is no exact cost of how much to convert a van for van living. As mentioned, you need to get a van first if you decide to live as a van dweller. You can find ones in dealers near you, but there are also ones available online. Just make sure to do your own research and check the van by yourself or hire an expert for it.

According to full-fledged van dwellers, they have spent around a few hundreds of dollars to $5,000 for the conversion. Some may even spend more than that, depending on how invested the person is in his or her van. The cost does not include the price of the van itself yet, which can cost around $20,000 and above.

Also, you should also consider how much you will have to spend on repair and maintenance. Learning the basics of car repair can save you a lot of money for potentially-costly repairs. However, it may be a better idea to spend from time to time to ensure the van’s smooth-running operations.

Other expenses as a van dweller

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Meanwhile, you may also have to consider other expenses you may incur, such as parking fees. Thankfully, there are public establishments that allow overnight parking for free. On the other hand, there are also government-owned lots where you can camp for free for a few nights. However, expect that there will be no running water and restrooms here so you will feel like a true camper here.

Living in a van means you will also have to spend some bucks to keep up with this kind of lifestyle. Aside from the daily expenses, you should also have an emergency fund for unexpected expenditures. Ideally, you should have at least $1,000 on your emergency fund for your peace of mind.

All in all, living in a van is a serious commitment. It may not be an easy path to take, but the literal and metaphorical journey of it can be worth the lifestyle change. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or living a decent living to afford a van dweller lifestyle. More than the expenses incurred is the experience and appreciation of life that should matter most.

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