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What It’s Like to Have a Vegetable Garden

There are many reasons anyone would want to and decide to have their own vegetable garden at home. It can be for health reasons, cutting down on their carbon footprint, or as a hobby, among others. It’s quite fulfilling when you’re able to reap what you sow, and it gives you a sense of pride for your hard work.

You Know What You’re Eating

It’s great to know what goes into your food. Growing your vegetables allows you to control where it comes from, how it grows, what you put into the soil as nutrients, among others. If you tend to be particular when it comes to chemical pesticides, growing your food ensures that your food does not have anything in it that you did not first research about. Another good thing about having your vegetable garden is the ability to choose which vegetables you want to grow. Whether you want just herbs, some leafy greens, or even tubers, you can choose which ones grow best in your area, climate, and season.

It Helps Relieve Stress

Don’t treat gardening as a chore. Instead, treat it like a hobby and you’ll find it more relaxing. Working in your garden can be a good way for you to practice mindfulness and meditation because it allows you to zone in on your work and zone out your worries for that time being. Plus, it’s very rewarding to see your fruits of labor as time goes by. Knowing how much time and effort you’ve put in your garden then finally harvesting, serving, and eating your own produce can give you a good sense of fulfillment.

Better Health From Sunshine

Being under the sun for a regulated amount of time gives you vitamin D, which can help strengthen your bones, improve your immune system, and also relieve stress. You can get vitamin D from food too, but one good way to ensure that you get it is to bask under the sun, just like your pets. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen, and if you are working in your garden for a longer period, make sure to wear protective garments like arm sleeves and a nice sun hat.

Gardening As a Form of Exercise

Of course, you will be working your body a good lot as you tend to your garden. For one, carrying mulch and turf is good for your core and lower back. Also, sowing seeds and bending down helps exercise your joints. Overall, it’s a good workout that helps you burn calories, build your muscles and joints, as well as work your cardio.


While having a vegetable garden has a lot of benefits, you still have to be aware of some potential hurdles. These challenges have to be considered so you’d know whether or not this is sustainable for you.


It Requires Your Time, Attention, and Effort

With what has been said in the first part, you probably have an idea about this already. Plants require care and attention, and different kinds of plants have specific needs as well. It isn’t just about watering them on a daily basis. From choosing what type of garden is most ideal in your situation and area, to tending to your nursery, there is a lot that goes in the process of growing your vegetables.

It Can Be Costly

When you decide to build your vegetable garden, one of the first things you have to think about is your budget. It can get a bit costly when you think about supplies you’ll need to regularly replenish, like fertilizers and soil, as well as bills like water and electricity. On the flip side though, if you are building a community garden such as a greenhouse for winter, weighing the pros and cons of maintenance fees versus having supplies for your community even during winter is a choice you and your community council can decide on.

You Need to Allot Space

Depending on what type of greens you plan to grow, it can occupy your kitchen window if you like to grow potted herbs, or your entire garden if you plan on rotating crops. Regardless, before embarking on a gardening endeavor, you have to acknowledge that space is a major factor to consider.

You Need to Be a Bit More Hygienic

Finally, before starting your own garden, you also have to think about hygiene. You will be working in the dirt, so you’ll be exposed to bacteria. This is why it helps to wear protective gloves and proper tools. Pulling out weed should be done with caution, and always be aware if there are pests in the garden or on your clothes. All in all, gardening is relatively safe if you have ample knowledge of what you’re doing.

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