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Why Moving from Perth to the South West Is Worth It

According to the World Population Review, Perth is one of the fastest growing major cities in Australia. More Aussies are choosing to live in Perth, its population growing by 14.3% from 2006 to 2011, which only continues to grow to this day.

As Perth gets more densely populated, people may be missing out on what the other parts of Western Australia can offer. The South West, for one, has a lot of amazing perks, and here are some of them.

Relaxed lifestyle

As you leave behind Perth’s bumper-to-bumper peak hour traffic, the South West will greet you with short commutes, wider spaces and a more relaxed lifestyle. Bunbury, for example, is the largest city in the South West, but it only has around a quarter of the population of Perth and has a significantly slower pace than Perth.

While some may think it is a bad thing, lesser populations also mean less requirement for urban development. There is a lot of space in the South West. City centres are not stuffed with high rises — in fact the Bunbury Tower is the only high rise in the entire South West. Homes here have vast yards, and prices tend to be lower than those in Perth. For one, the average price of a house and land in Donnybrook was $325,500 in 2017, as compared to the $525,000 in Perth.

Stronger sense of community

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Since the populations are smaller, there are fewer distractions, so the towns here would be filled with lots of familiar faces. Most South West folks value community engagement and forming friendships with their neighbours.

Being a member of these small, close-knit communities is not only great for building friendships and a support system, but it is ideal for business, as well.

In an established locale like Perth, you may find it difficult to get started and navigate your way into any industry. But in smaller South West towns, you can be more likely to find the break you need when starting your own venture.

Communities in South West towns rally around local businesses, so smaller ventures would find better opportunities here.

Amazing outdoors

The beaches in WA are all beautiful, but the South West corner may just have the crème of the crop. The coastline stretching from Bunbury through Albany is especially remarkable, with the serene and secure waters of Eagle Bay and Hamelin Bay, and the famous surf beaches of Cowaramup Bombora (aka Cow Bombie) and Yalingup.

But if you want other outdoor scenes away from the shore, you can also go fishing, camping, bushwalking and mountain biking inland. Almost any place in the South West is an ideal camping ground, especially in Barrabup Pool just 10 minutes from Nannup. Bushwalking trails are also abundant here, including the renowned 1000-kilometre Bibbulmun Track.

For a unique hiking experience, you may explore the canopies in Walpole’s treetop walk, or climb up to the summit of Porongurup’s Castle Rock where you can marvel at the scenery from the granite skywalk. If you want to go mountain biking, Margaret River, Collie and Bunbury have some of the state’s best biking trails.

Perth is undeniably a great city to live in Australia. But just like any major city in the world, it can get pretty hectic. So, if you are seeking to have a more relaxed lifestyle that allows you to bond with a supportive community and with nature, you will surely find moving to the South West worth it.

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