6 Ways of Making Your First Date A Success

Did you know that the average first date costs $75? But the money spent is not what determines how successful the first date is. How well things go and how good you feel after the date is a better indicator of how successful your first date is. Research shows that men have different views on what constitutes an excellent first date compared to women, which is perfectly understandable.

Even if you are matched by the best Houston matchmaker, you still have to overcome the hurdle that is the first date. That is your one chance to make an excellent first impression. It’s also your chance to try and get a feel for your date. The impression they make will determine whether there is a relationship with that person in the future.

So, here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Find a location in which you are both comfortable

First dates tend to be nerve-wracking. So you can as well settle for a meeting place that is comfortable for you both. If you have no idea at all about the person you are meeting, it pays to be cautious and meet in a public place. If your loved ones or a matchmaker can vouch for the person you will meet, you can relax your vigilance a little bit.

However, you need to ensure the meeting point does not add to your stress. The first date is not the time to be trying out new cuisines that may disagree with your stomach. Neither is it the time to try out new fashions that you are unsure will suit your body.

Both of you should agree on a place that makes you relaxed enough to open up and get to know each other. That discussion on where to meet may end up being quite helpful in helping you determine if your views on food are compatible. Do remember that different cultures and religions may have various restrictions where food is concerned. So, knowing about these things beforehand will help you decide whether to move forward.

2. Talk about things that matter


Don’t spend the first date talking about the weather. That’s not relevant. Take the time to ask questions about the things that matter to you politely. And also, listen to what your date is saying. It’s not all about you.

The first date is when you should find out whether the other person is interested in a casual or serious relationship. If you have different views on this, then it’s better to cut your losses early. You should consider asking about religion and politics in a non-judgmental way. If you have conflicting views on these divisive issues, it would be better to move on swiftly.

3. Be clear about your boundaries

Some people have no sense of propriety. It’s up to you to establish your boundaries right from the start. If the person you are on a date with insists on getting too close and you don’t want that, then say so. And if they don’t respect your body and your personal space, you should rethink about having a relationship with such a person.

4. Be yourself

Don’t be something you are not. Don’t pretend you drink or smoke, and you don’t or vice versa. Relationships should also be about you and your needs. If you are introverted or shy, say so. That way, your date doesn’t think you hate them because you have little to say. Don’t hide who you are to make an excellent first impression. Doing that is tantamount to false representation. And if your date wants a relationship and then finds out you were pretending, it will not end well.

5. Be clean

Being you doesn’t mean being the worst version of yourself. Take time to bathe and dress well when going out on your first date. No one wants a stinky date. You can put your best foot forward without falsely representing yourself.

6. Be considerate

Say hi, and take the time to appreciate your date and how they look. Say please when you want something, and thank you when you get a compliment. If you are not paying for the date, be considerate of the other person. Don’t assume that they would be able to afford the most expensive items on the menu just because they suggested the location.


Even the best Houston matchmaker can only get you so far. The first date is your foot in the door. Whether you get permission to enter through that door fully depends on you and the role that you play in making the date a success. So take the time to do your part.

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