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Living Room Design Ideas You Should Bid Goodbye to in 2020

After going through a long list of house and land packages, you’re finally ready to settle into your new home at Western Suburbs, Melbourne. Now, you’re ready to start decorating your new place, and the living room is on top of your priority list.

The task can seem overwhelming at first. You’ll be presented with a number of pieces that you need to put together to create a cohesive space you can truly call your own. There’s the paint color that would look great on your walls, the furniture pieces you already own and all the others you still need to purchase, and the right arrangement and accessories to highlight them.

But, now that we’ve entered into an entirely new decade, it’s time for a fresh start, and according to expert interior designers, a number of popular living room style ideas are on their way out. Now, it’s all about that laidback, no-fuss vibe, so those design rules many homeowners adhered to in the previous decades no longer apply. Here are a few things you should probably say goodbye to when designing your living room:

That Highly Popular Millennial Pink

Now, before you start freaking out, here’s some clarification. That rosy blushy pink everyone can’t get enough of isn’t entirely phasing out — it’s actually evolving into something better. This shade is going to transition into a much warmer hue which drew inspiration from the trend peachy undertones found in organic untanned leathers. Mixing the soft tone that this color has with a rusty shade makes for a truly interesting palette.

Couple on a couch Sticking to Matching Furniture Set

If you want a living room that reflects the real you, you wouldn’t want it to look like an average living room display pulled from your neighborhood furniture shop. A lot of top interior designers are suggesting that having matching furniture is no longer as appealing as it was years ago. Now, it’s all about living spaces that look and feel organically curated instead of being too professionally designed. For example, instead of getting a matching set of chairs, look for two different ones with an interesting vintage feel for that layered look. You can also look for coffee tables that you can freely move around the room whenever you need to free up some extra space, which can be really helpful when you have guests.

Those Meticulously Coordinated Bookcases

If matching furniture sets are no longer trendy, then the same can also be said for bookcases and shelves that are arranged depending on the color of the book spines. Gone are the days when glossy coffee table books and scented candles are a must-have to make your bookcases look interesting. This isn’t to say that accessorizing your beloved bookshelves is no longer a thing. There’s only a shift into a more relaxed-looking atmosphere that doesn’t look too planned. Just like with your furniture pieces, you want to achieve that layered look. Your bookshelves should be a reflection of your current hobbies, instead of simply buying pieces you think are visually appealing all at once. Fill all the spaces with some souvenirs you got from your travels or photo frames with a vintage vibe.

Your living room is a common area where family members and guests gather. It would be best if you can design it in a way that shows personality, but not too much.

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