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Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal Using These 4 Landscaping Ideas

The yard is an extension of your indoor life. By keeping it healthier, greener, and more appealing, you will stand a chance to benefit from excellent aeration, flood control and soil degradation control in and around your homestead. To real estate agents, yard appeal is an ingenious marketing tool with the potential of breaking or making your trades.

Before listing your Geelong property, it is prudent to think about how to maximise your curb appeal. But don’t fret. Here are four ultimate landscaping ideas that you should not miss:

1. Plant Trees

Other than aeration, trees play significant roles in yard beautification. Vertical gardens with treetops extend the greenish elements of the curb appeal beyond the surface level or the “wow” factor.

According to, trees guarantee the needed tranquillity and comfortable feel when used in yard gardens. They provide shady hangouts spots that can be ideal options to consider during sweltering summer climate.

For small yards, lush foliage or vegetable gardens are enough to incorporate the tree element into your yard. Nonetheless, you can plant trees in particular patterns around the poolside, patio or porch to highlight the top features of your landscape.

2. Water the Lawn

watering the lawn

Most people slave their lawns by leaving them to survive by mercies of nature. Unbeknownst to many, even with natural grass, a few good soakings can leave your yard glimmering with sheer greenish beauty.

According to, whenever your lawn starts to wilt, grow dull green, or loses its bounce of resilience, then the water is not enough. The same case happens where you do not water the lawns deep.

To green up your lawn to the desired outlooks, make sure to water the grass every day–preferably early in the morning. While doing so, ensure that the water goes four to five inches inside the soil. Make sure that the lawn does not remain soak overnight since that can allow mold and disease-carrying fungi to grow on and affect your grass. Otherwise, for sandy yards with faster drainage, you will need to water the lawn twice every day.

3. Trim Your Lawn to Golf Course Level

An overgrown eyesore turf grass in your garden will automatically water down your curb appeal. However, going too short can also leave your yard bald, hence eliminating the greenish outlook.

According to, to attain the best aesthetics for your yard, you should focus on trimming the lawn to a golf course level. You can quickly achieve that level by cutting one-third of the grass blade.

For cosier and inviting outlooks, make sure that you trim the edges of the lawn when mowing. The edges should not necessarily be straight. You can benchmark on some of the patterns featured in house and land packages or sale in Geelong for an ideal design.

4. Include Some Lighting

You don’t want your landscape to turn into a graveyard when the sun goes down. That said, some aspects of lighting will bring it to life by incorporating an enticing “ambience.”

Whatever type and shade of light you choose should bring out your personality and character. To achieve a warm and inviting look, you can use coloured green LED lights since they are not only cost-effective, but they also blend well with outdoor environments.

Home beautification starts from the outdoors and extends to the interior decor. No matter how small your landscape is, you can transform it into an attractive space with these simple measures. Just make sure that the preferred feature augurs well with the shape, size and nature of your landscape.

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