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How the Pandemic Has Affected the Entertainment Industry

For all we know, the entertainment industry is among the busiest and most active industries in the world. In fact, it is so successful that multiple events such as concerts and sports gatherings are being held every day. Clubs are full of partygoers almost every night. Movie theaters are fully booked whenever a favorite movie franchise is showing.

But that was before the COVID-19 pandemic caught the world off guard. Many businesses have been paralyzed because of the social distancing measures being imposed by the government. Among the many industries affected by the pandemic, entertainment might have been hit the hardest.

Here’s how the game changed for the people in the entertainment sector:

Reduced Bookings for Event Venues

While some popular party venues are still accepting bookings for small events, many rental establishments have no bookings at all. This is because of the social distancing rules and the government’s mandate to avoid social gatherings to keep the disease from spreading. Going to clubs is prohibited in some parts of the world. Some entertainment hubs were temporarily closed amid threat of a global pandemic.

This means lower or zero income for business owners and their employees.

Canceled Concerts, Shows, and Sporting Events

Imagine how it feels to learn that your much-awaited concert has been canceled because of the pandemic. If it hurts you, it’s more heart-wrenching for the organizers, committees, artists, players, and staff members. Some, if not most, of the money spent planning and organizing such events will go to waste. Sponsors will also lose money because of these cancellations.

No Income for Local Performers

Many people might argue that local performers, such as magicians, bands, theater actors, and all-around entertainers, are the ones most affected by the pandemic. Band members who play in resorts, bars, and restaurants have no choice but to stay home because the government prohibits mass gatherings.

Some performers rely on the government when it comes to their daily needs such as food and money. Others are withdrawing their savings just to make ends meet. Those who don’t have other sources of income are having a hard time providing for their families. Not to mention the frustration brought by the reality that they can’t do the thing they are passionate about.

No Taping for TV Networks and Moviemakers


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Because of social distancing rules, television networks and filmmakers are struggling to stay on schedule when it comes to taping or shooting. Some are left with no choice but to air some of their previous shows, hoping that the viewers will feel the nostalgia and miss the shows they once loved. Other networks cover the latest news about the COVID-19 virus and the worldwide initiative to find a cure and a vaccine.

People in the entertainment industry are feeling the wrath of the infectious disease, hoping that a cure will be available and things will go back to normal soon. Until then, they will need to adapt to the situation and try to find other sources of income to survive.

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